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Our Story

After you leave an organization, one wonders, what will people say about how you led? What impact or difference will you have made? John Maxwell said, “The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve him, but the number of people he serves.” In 1994 Tommy and Fay Brown started Comfort Master. Throughout the years, they were focused on how to improve the comfort of customers and create a positive work environment, both built on a foundation of trust. Service delivery was about improving safety, comfort, and energy savings with options for indoor air quality, replacement, service and maintenance. Their mission for Comfort Master is captured in the Company’s mission statement. “Comfort Master will deliver premium service through our constant customer care and follow-up”.
Tommy and Fay felt strongly that the best way to protect and care for each customer was to make them a part of our Comfort Club Family. The Comfort Club program was formed in the early days to help customers be proactive in keeping their HVAC systems well maintained, working efficiently, properly, and safe to operate. Many customers have made maintenance a routine, made easy by prescheduling visits, receiving text reminders, Saturday scheduling and monthly auto pay.
Not only did Tommy and Fay value customers, they understood that employees were to be valued and all considered equal. It was preferred that employees were called team members and that everyone worked with each other, not the employees working for the owners. As leaders of the company, they acted with a sense of humility, recognizing the efforts and achievement of others. They knew there was something to learn from those around them. They led by example with principles. Honesty and kindness with customers and employees was how the company grew.
For several years Comfort Master has focused on breast cancer awareness. Breast Cancer research is personal for Fay because of her own metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. Every October, team members participated in a “Catch me in Pink “campaign. Pictures were posted on social media of employees in their pink with customers to help drive awareness. Funds were donated each year to help support life-saving research, treatment, and education of breast cancer. That legacy will carry on with Comfort Master colors changing to pink. Our logo will be pink along with our uniforms and vehicles.
Tommy and Fay and the team made a commitment years ago to work daily to ensure the value you receive far exceeds the investment. The value has never changed throughout the years and emanates from the company’s value statement “We are committed to building trusting relationships through honesty with our customers and team members”.
Fay believes that the hallmarks of having a successful business are: honesty, training, learning, processes, relationships, follow-up, and always being grateful.
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