Comfort Club Maintenance Program

We invite you to join our Comfort Club Family!


When we began our company, we had a key goal to guide us: improving the comfort and safety of our customers’ homes. We have not wavered from that commitment, and in the very early years established our Comfort Club service and maintenance membership. We want to keep the systems we service and install working as efficiently and trouble free as possible through routine maintenance. In reviewing the systems of our Comfort Club customers who kept their system in tip top shape, we found that equipment had fewer  breakdowns and lasted longer. We invite you to experience those same benefits and peace of mind by taking advantage of this great, worry free way to keep your home comfortable and safe. Tommy and Fay Brown, owners.

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Comfort Club Advantages

2 Maintenance Visits per Year
We come out twice a year to ensure your heating and air system is running in tip-top shape.
Membership Discounts
We offer exclusive discounts to our members. 10% on all repairs & accessories. 20% discounts on proactive repairs, and more!
Jump to the head of the line
As a Comfort Club member, your call will be scheduled ahead of the others. This applies to both routine and emergency calls.
Jump to the head of the line
As a Comfort Club member, your call will be scheduled ahead of the others. This applies to both routine and emergency calls.
No Emergency Fee
When you need work done, we will waive the dispatch fee if the job is done within normal business hours.
Preferred Pricing
Should you need repairs; you will receive discounted prices off any of our services.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee you’ll be thoroughly thrilled. If you aren’t, we’ll make it right.
Your Comfort Club membership can either be transferred to your new home or stay with the buyer of the home you are selling.
Extended Warranty
We will cover up to 3 years parts and labor warranty on any repairs done with continuous coverage of a Comfort Club Membership with regular maintenance of the system (only systems installed by Comfort Master).


Available for Systems under 10 Years Old; Excludes Refrigerant
You’ll Save 20% by Repairing a Part or System Before it Breaks.
$100 Per Year of Membership Up To $1,000

What the Experts Say About Taking Care of Your System:

"Customers save an average of 30 percent by participating in a maintenance program." — Energy Star

"90 percent of the units tested exhibited some form of energy–wasting, comfort–robbing problems." — The Alternative Energy Corporation

"Energy consumption could be increased by 30–40 percent by having dirty coils." — Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and Gulf States US

"A freon (refrigerant) undercharge of only 10 percent can increase operating costs by almost 20 percent." — Texas A&M University

What Our Customers Say:

"Comfort Master’s services were great as they always have been for my scheduled preventative maintenance. Arrived exactly on time for the appointment, provided my scheduled service check–up. I appreciate the Saturday hours for those of us who cannot get home during the work week. I have had my Trane dual fuel system since 2007 as installed by Comfort Master. Comfort Master is an excellent and reliable company for your AC/heating needs. I am very grateful that I am serviced by them." — Kim L., Cary

"Our technician was on–time and professional, as always. Having the regularly scheduled maintenance with Comfort Master gives my family and I the peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly. I’m sure it also saves us costs in the long run by having the system evaluated & tuned up by an expert on a regular basis.

Thank you Comfort Master" — Patrick N., Raleigh

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