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Welcome home.

You just bought an elegant older home in Raleigh, NC. Sturdy bones, curving archways, gorgeous floors.

Or perhaps you’re starting from the ground up, building your perfect dream home with a great outdoor deck and a scenic view of the forest.

Either way, our Comfort Master licensed experts can help improve the most important feature inside your new home: the air you breathe.

Technology allows us to control our climate like never before. Comfort Master Heating and Air Conditioning has the expertise and tools to ventilate your home with cutting-edge, high-efficiency systems designed to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), eliminate odors, and kill germs.

Create a healthy home. Our team can retrofit new ventilating equipment with your existing ductwork or start from scratch with new construction. Reach out to us today and schedule an appointment online for a free consultation.

Ventilation Services in Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Zebulon

Your stove and microwave, dryer, furnace—all of these appliances burn fuel or emit chemicals into the air. Without an effective ventilation plan in place, you risk inhaling unhealthy fumes.

Our team at [company name] can install over–the–stove microwaves, with exhaust fans that send air out through the back wall or up through the roof. We offer other ways to ventilate your kitchen, as well as your bathrooms.

A quality ventilation system fits your Zebulon, NC, home like a glove. It grabs hold of unpleasant odors, airborne particles, and noxious fumes and disperses them safely out of a vent.

Take a moment to consider how much time you spend indoors. According to the US Environmental Protection (EPA), many Americans spend 90 percent of their day indoors, where the levels of indoor pollutants are sometimes five times greater than outdoor levels.

Venting Microwave

Think about all the grease, fumes, and other airborne particles flying around the kitchen every time you cook. Send it through a vent instead, and enjoy a clean, fresh environment.

You can choose between an external vent that eliminates fumes through an outside exhaust fan or a recirculating vent in which your kitchen air passes through a charcoal filter and travels through the ductwork. You can also install a ductless vent that does the same job, just not quite as efficiently.

Our team can help you decide which option works best with your needs and budget. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online and allow us to help spruce up the air quality in your kitchen!

Kitchen Hoods

We spend so much time in our kitchens, cooking meals, baking, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee. Create the best kitchen possible—allow us to design and install a kitchen hood that will capture all the lingering odors you find in a cooking area.

How much will it cost to install a new kitchen hood?

We can install a hood that easily matches your budget and needs. You can even find lesser-known brands that match up well with the more popular names.

But here’s the deal: Invest more upfront with a quality product, and you’ll save money (and avoid aggravation) down the road with repairs or faulty ventilation.

Venting Water Heaters

Did you know your water heater has a chimney? No, it’s not the same as your fireplace chimney—but they serve the same purpose: to keep you and your loved ones safe from noxious fumes.

Venting helps prevent a condition called backdrafting, in which the exhaust fumes from your water heater fail to disperse through a vent and instead end up in your Zebulon home. Typically, poor ventilation design or installation is the culprit that allows for backdrafting.

Schedule an appointment today with our licensed experts at Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning to upgrade your water heater ventilating system.

Dryer Vents

For safety’s sake, be sure to install a quality dryer vent. Nearly 3,000 dryer fires are reported each year, according to the US Fire Administration (USFA). The accumulation of lint leading to a constricted airflow causes many of these fires. Poorly designed ventilation systems also play a role in these fires.

If you notice your dryer takes longer to dry your clothes, or you detect a musty smell in your laundry room, give us a call. These signs indicate a clogged dryer vent, posing a risk to you and your loved ones.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

A dry, well-ventilated bathroom makes for a happy household. You enjoy a clean bathroom rather than having to deal with mold, mildew, and excess moisture. Needless to say, these fans also help remove odors.

How do I choose the right bathroom fan

The size of your bathroom determines the fan you’ll need. Bathroom fans are rated by the amount of air they can move per minute, measured in cubic feet per minute—or CFM. Industry standards recommend at least 1 CFM per square foot of bathroom space. A bathroom that is 7 feet wide and 8 feet long will require a fan with a minimum rating of 56 CFM.

Allow our team at Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning to do the necessary calculations to install the right fan for your bathroom. An undersized fan is of little use to combat mold growth, zap humidity, and eliminate odors.

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