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Ventilation in Raleigh, NC

The letters HVAC stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. However, not all HVAC contractors offer the level of service for that letter “V” that we do. Proper ventilation for a home involves many more services that just seeing that the air ducts are moving air from place to place.

Our team of professionals delivers a wide range of ventilation services, many of which you may not have realized were helpful for your home, both as improvements to indoor air quality and as methods to help conserve energy. What ventilation help do you need for your house?

You only need to call Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to find out. Among the various ventilation services that we offer are the installation of exhaust fans, attic fans (including solar-powered models), microwave fans, and whole-house fans. We’ll find a customized solution for your home’s ventilation issues.

The Benefit of Home Exhaust Fans

For most homes, the main fan is the blower fan that is part of the HVAC system air handler. This fan is responsible for sending air through the heating and cooling system and then through the rest of the rooms. But you can add another powerful fan to your house—an exhaust fan—that will provide superior ventilation as well as energy savings.

This fan draws air up through the rooms in the house and out the roof, which then causes the outdoor air to rush in to replace it. You’ll receive a breeze from outdoors, helping to keep your home cool without needing to rely as much on the air conditioning system. A whole–house fan will help improve indoor air quality as well, and the current home exhaust fans run quieter than ever. You can rely on us for installation, repairs, and maintenance for exhaust fans.

Attic Fan Installation and Other Services

Having fans installed in the attic is an immense benefit for a home throughout the year. Because of the sun beating down on the roof, the attic will become intensely hot during many summer days, rising sometimes to 130°F. Even with effective insulation, some of this heat with seep down into the rest of the house and start to raise its temperature, creating energy waste to overcome it.

Attic fans exhaust out the extra heat, helping to keep the house cooler in general. During the winter, the fans remove excess moisture that gathers in the attic, which prevents ice dams and issues from mildew and wood rot that will seriously damage the roof. We install both standard attic fans and energy–saving solar–powered attic fans.

When You Need Great Ventilation in Raleigh, Call Us

There are other ventilation services that we provide, such as installing over–the–stove microwaves that have exhaust fans that send air out through the back wall or up through the roof. We offer other ways to ventilate your kitchen, as well as your bathrooms.

Our professionals are not only experienced with ventilation but also with indoor air quality services, so they’ll bring all the knowledge required to see that you have an energy–saving installation that will also improve the air in your house. You can count on Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for comfort in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas. We’re focused on customer service and seeing that you’re completely satisfied with the work we perform.

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