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Maintenance Program

Comfort Club

Your Guide to Comfort

Comfort from Our Family to Yours since 1994

When we began our company, we had a key goal to guide us which was: improving the comfort and safety of our customers’ homes. We have not wavered from that commitment and in the very early years established our Comfort Club service and maintenance membership. We wanted to keep the systems we serviced and installed working as efficiently and trouble free as possible through routine maintenance. In reviewing the systems of our Comfort Club customers who kept their system in tip top shape, we found that they experienced fewer breakdowns and their system lasted longer. We invite you to experience those same benefits and peace of mind by taking advantage of this great worry free way to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Become a part of our Comfort Club Family and enjoy the comfort you deserve.

Working on HVAC System

25 Point Inspection Value:

(Twice Yearly Tune–up)

  1. Inspect Thermostat Operation: Improperly functioning thermostats can cause your system to run unnecessarily. Every degree your system operates below or above optimal settings can add up to 8% to your heating and cooling energy costs.
  2. Inspect Heat Exchanger: Detection of furnace heat exchanger cracks can save your life. Over–exposure to carbon monoxide leaks can cause serious illness and death.
  3. Clean and Adjust Burner Assembly: Dirty Burners cause poor combustion making you pay for excess heat and leads to plugging your heat exchanger.
  4. Clean Ignition Assembly: A dirty ignition assembly or flame sensor causes furnaces to shut down.
  5. Monitor Starting Capabilities: Improper starting capabilities an cause your system to operate at a lower efficiency.
  6. Inspect Flue Draft: Inefficiency of combustion causes high rate of energy use, carbon monoxide production and soot.
  7. Inspect Flue Piping: Leaks, corrosion or soot can cause unsafe conditions in your home and increase energy bills.
  8. Check Refrigerant Pressure: A low or high refrigerant charge can go unnoticed and increase operating costs and reduce comfort. It can also cause compressor failure. If refrigerant loss is detected a leak test may be recommended.
  9. Capacitors: Malfunctioning capacitor can lead to compressor and motor failure. 10. Test Safety Controls: Malfunctioning Controls can increase operating costs and lead to other component failures.
  10. Clean or Replace Client Provided Standard Air Filter: A dirty or missing air filter can cause your furnace or a/c to operate at a lower efficiency or fail and shorten the life of the compressor or heat exchanger.
  11. Clean Exterior Indoor/Outdoor System: Removing dirt and debris helps keeps unit looking new.
  12. Tighten Electrical Connections: Preventative measure to avoid motor or compressure failure.
  13. Measure Volts/Amps: If motor amperage is not within motor rating specs then component failure is likely to follow. Voltage discrepancies tell us there could be an issue with the power coming into the home.
  14. Clean Evaporator Coil: Dirty coils contribute to increased refrigerant pressures increasing your energy bill or causing a system failure.
  15. Inspect Blower Components: Clean blowers increase airflow, comfort, energy efficiency and savings.
  16. Clean Condenser Coil: Dirty coils contribute to increased refrigerant pressures increasing your energy bill or causing system failure.
  17. Flush Condensate Drains: Buildup can plug a condensate drain, capable of causing expensive water damage.
  18. Measure Temperature Difference: Inaccuracies with the output results in indoor discomfort and prompts the tech to investigate the source of the error to correct.
  19. Check Gas Pressure: Undetected leaks inside your home are dangerous.
  20. Inspect Pilot: Weak and dirty pilots can easily be extinguished causing a failure in furnace operation.
  21. Inspect A/C and Heating Cycles: Properly operating cycles ensures consistent indoor comfort and efficiency.
  22. Inspect Crankcase Heater: Improperly functioning crankcase heaters can lead to compressor failure.
  23. Inspect Unit Disconnect: A loose of overheated disconnect can cause a fuse to blow and become dangerous.
  24. Inspect System Panels: Loose panels can increase energy costs due to air leakage.

* Some services will not be preformed at both heat and cooling tune–up
* May not be applicable for your system

Comfort Club Monthly Pricing Schedule

One System $22.00 + tax
Two Systems $33.00 + tax
Three Systems $43.00 + tax
Each Additional System Add $11.00 + tax

System Accessories needing routine maintenance and service:

$8.00 additional per month (each)

  • Whole House Humidifiers
  • Hepa Filtration Systems
  • Air Scrubber
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Trane CleanEffects
  • Ultraviolet lights

We are happy to drop ship filters for your convenience and will provide a quote based upon quantity and sizing.

Your Benefits:

  • Two Visits annually
  • Increased Life Expectancy of Equipment
  • No overtime rates
  • Lowering Operating Costs – utility and repairs
  • Priority Customer, 24 hour service
  • 10% discount off any repairs and double parts warranty from one to two years

What the Experts Say:

"Customers save an average of 30% by participating in a maintenance program." — Energy Star

"90% of the units tested exhibited some form of energy–wasting, comfort–robbing problems." — The Alternative Energy Corporation

"Energy consumption could be increased by 30–40% by having dirty coils." — Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service and Gulf States US

"A freon (refrigerant) undercharge of only 10% can increase operating costs by almost 20%." — Texas A&M University

What Our Customers Say: 

"Comfort Master’s services were great as they always have been for my scheduled preventative maintenance. Arrived exactly on time for the appointment, provided my scheduled service check–up. I appreciate the Saturday hours for those of us who cannot get home during the work week. I have had my Trane dual fuel system since 2007 as installed by Comfort Master. Comfort Master is an excellent and reliable company for your AC/heating needs. I am very grateful that I am serviced by them."  Kim L., Cary

"Our technician was on–time and professional, as always. Having the regularly scheduled maintenance with Comfort Master gives my family and I the peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly. I’m sure it also saves us costs in the long run by having the system evaluated & tuned up by an expert on a regular basis.

Thank you Comfort Master"  Patrick N., Raleigh

Wake, Durham, Johnston, Franklin, Nash, Orange, Chatham, and Wilson Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Team

Serving the Triangle Area of North Carolina