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Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers in Raleigh, NC

Air filters can sometimes take care of the indoor air quality problems in a home. But air filters have their limitations, and to filter out extremely minute particles—smoke, chemicals, bacteria—may take filters so thick that they choke off the airflow through a ventilation system. For most houses, this simply isn’t an option. In these cases, an air purifier (a.k.a. an electronic air cleaner) may be the answer. When the best air purifier is teamed up with an effective filter, the combination will remove more than 99% of the airborne pollutants that can harm comfort and health.

If you believe that your house requires a better level of air cleaning, call Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. and speak to our indoor air quality experts. They’ll find out if an electronic air cleaner will handle the job, as well as what kind. You can depend on them not only for installation, but also for follow-up work to make sure that you remain satisfied for years to come. After all, you are our number one priority!

What You Can Expect from a Whole–House Air Purifier

There are different ways that air purifiers work to remove pollutants from circulating through a building without placing any resistance against airflow. The most common method is the electronic air cleaner that creates a corona discharge, an electrical field that ionizes the larger particles moving through the ductwork of a ventilation system.

As the particles either lose or gain a charge, they’re drawn down to a set of plates on the purifier and then trapped, while other particles are drawn to each other until they clump together and fall out of the air. These purifiers are effective at targeting volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde), chemicals, pesticides, smoke, and odor molecules.

The Power of the UV Air Purifier

Another popular type of air purifier uses ultraviolet lamps to kill bacteria and other organic pollutants. The UV air purifier consists of ultraviolet lamps that are integrated into the HVAC system to target places where mold and microbes may begin to develop.

The UV radiation disrupts the cellular functions of the contaminants, but isn’t harmful for people or pets. A well–installed UV air purifier will also help an air conditioner or heat pump work at its best, since it prevents mold from developing along the refrigerant coil. This is especially useful in Raleigh’s humid climate.

Let Us Find the Best Air Purifiers to Suit Your Needs in Raleigh

A badly selected and installed whole–house air purifier is hardly much better than no purifier at all. You want to start right when looking after the well–being and comfort of your household, and that means starting with experienced indoor air quality and HVAC professionals.

You’ll find the right people at Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., where we take immense pride in the skill and thoroughness of all our team members. Everyone here will make you their number one priority, whether they’re installing a new UV air purifier or providing repairs and maintenance for an older electronic air cleaner. For the best air purifiers and other indoor air quality solutions in Raleigh, look no further!

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