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You May Need Professional Duct Sealing

Most homes have a ventilation system with ductwork to circulate air—both heated and cooled—throughout the rooms. Because the ductwork is hidden from sight in walls and ceilings and closed-off spaces like the attic, it’s easy for homeowners not to give them much thought. But ducts often develop air leaks in them over time, and unless these leaks are professionally sealed, it will have a negative effect on home comfort and energy performance.

Why are professionals needed for this?

You might be thinking that this is what duct tape is for. But actually, duct tape is useful for almost everything except ducts! The truth is that even if you had the right sealing equipment, you wouldn’t know where to look for the air leaks in the ducts or how to reach them. Only professionals have the tools and the training to accurately get the job done. They’ll start with duct testing to find out the extent of the air leakage and then target the places that need repairs. Using mastic sealant and metallic tapes, they’ll restore the system to its original airtightness.

Is this really beneficial?

Absolutely! Even a few leaks in the ventilation system will impair the working of your home’s heating and cooling by allowing air pressure to drop. You’ll experience hot and cold spots in rooms around the house and a general drop in comfort. The air leaks can even let in dust and dirt from between the walls and in the ceiling, causing air quality to suffer. Professional duct sealing keeps your HVAC system working for you.

But the most noticeable benefit of sealing ducts is the improvement in energy efficiency. Up to 30% of the air moving through a ventilation system can be lost to leaks, and that means paying to heat or cool air that never reaches the actual living spaces. When the ducts are sealed, a home’s energy costs will drop.

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