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Why Your AC Can’t Handle High Humidity

Heat is only one of the enemies of comfort during our summers in Raleigh. The other one is humidity. The higher levels of moisture in the air makes is harder for the human body to release heat through perspiration, which is why humid days feel hotter than the actual temperature. A 90°F day is hot no matter which way you look at it, but a 90°F day with 80% relative humidity can be utterly miserable.

Your AC Won’t Do Much Good against High Humidity

You expect your air conditioning system to keep you cool. But an air conditioner isn’t a dehumidifier, and during the most humid days it can struggle with keeping your home feeling comfortable.

Air conditioners do remove some moisture from the air as part of their cooling cycle. As refrigerant evaporates in the indoor coil and absorbs heat from the air, water vapor condenses along the coil. You’ll occasionally hear the sound of water inside the AC as it runs: that’s this moisture dripping off the coil. But this is only a small amount of dehumidification. Unless the air conditioner was designed with a dehumidifier integrated into it, it will not have a noticeable effect on indoor relative humidity levels.

The Whole-House Humidifier Will Rescue You

If your home is unbearably humid and you’re running the air conditioner almost constantly to try to stay cool, we recommend that you call us to install a whole-house dehumidifier. This device is placed into the HVAC system, where it uses refrigerant to absorb moisture from the air. This is similar to what an air conditioner does, but the dehumidifier is focused only on removing moisture. It reheats the air back to its original temperature after dehumidifying it so that it won’t interfere with the AC’s job. You can control the level of dehumidification through a thermostat-like control called a humidistat.

With the right whole-house dehumidifier at your service, you’ll not only feel cooler in the summer, but you’ll save money by giving the air conditioner a break!

For dehumidifier services, call on Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Raleigh, NC.

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