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Attic Fans Are Helpful in Winter Too

Attic fans, especially solar attic fans, are excellent ways to improve a home’s energy efficiency during the summer. That’s why we often recommend people have them installed. These fans are designed to vent out the accumulation of heated air in the attic during a summer day (the radiant energy from the sun on the roof can elevate temperatures in the attic up to 130°F) so this excess heat doesn’t seep down into the rest of the house.

But you may not know that attic fans are helpful in winter as well—just as much help as they are in the summer.

What Solar Attic Fans Do for You in Winter

The direction of heat into and out of a home reverses during winter. Instead of heat entering through the attic, it rises and escapes through it. This heat carries with it amounts of moisture from activities like cooking, cleaning, and showering. When this moisture reaches the colder attic, it condenses back into water. This will damage the attic’s insulation: damp insulation loses its efficiency, and more heat will escape from your home.

But there are worse troubles that can occur. This moisture in the attic can lead to problems from mold and wood rot. As the moisture builds up, it can eventually cause serious damage to the roof. One common problem is the water freezing, expanding, and cracking shingles.

And there are also ice dams to worry about. As the moisture reaches the roof, its warmer temperature melts the ice on it. The water runs down the roof and gathers in the eaves and gutters, where it re-freezes. This will build up and cause gutter and roof damage.

But all it takes to prevent such problems are attic fan: it draws out the moist air and brings in dry air that’s healthier for the attic and the roof. Solar attic fans are inexpensive to run and need almost no maintenance.

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