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Have a Whole-House Generator Installed This Fall!

If you’ve lived in the Triangle for a few years, you know that it experiences some unpredictable and violent weather in some seasons, including ice storms and hurricanes. Although there isn’t anything you can do to prevent bad weather, you can prepare your home for it. One of the best preparations to make is installing a whole-house generator early this fall. You can call our technicians to find out about your options when it comes to generators.

Why not just use a portable generator?

The type of power outages that we’re talking about are beyond the ability of most portable generators. When the power goes out during winter storm weather, it can stay off for hours and sometimes days. This is not something that a portable generator—which is really designed to help out campers and for emergencies with a vehicle—cannot cope with. A whole-house generator, provided it was professionally sized and installed, can supply the energy necessary to keep lights burning and heating systems running through long black-out periods. It’s simply a much better investment in your peace of mind.

What does whole-house generator installation involve

You won’t have to do much work if you call on experienced professionals. You’ll guide them by providing information on what appliances and systems you want running during a power loss. (You may only need a few lights and the furnace running, for example.) They’ll take care of picking the unit that can provide the necessary voltage, and well as selecting the energy source for the heater. If your home has access to a natural gas line, then a gas-powered generator is usually the best choice. But generators can also run on liquid propane, diesel gas, and batteries. Leave it to the experts to see that you have a generator that will protect your house and family in the event of a power loss.

To find out more about installing a whole-house generator for your home, call on Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We serve Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas.

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