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Will You Replace Your Furnace After This Winter?

rustic-old-furnaceIt’s February, and that may seem like it’s still too early to think about the post-winter days. But spring is not that far off, and we don’t have the crushing cold winters as more northern parts of the country experience. February is a good time to begin thinking about the future of your HVAC system. For example, whether you need to have a new air conditioning system installed. That’s something you’ll definitely want done before the hot weather arrives if your current AC is on its way out. 

But this is also a time to think about your heater. You may have gotten your furnace along through the year with occasional calls for furnace repairs in Knightdale, NC—but maybe this was the furnace’s last winter and it’s ready for a replacement once the cold is gone. We’ll look deeper into the question about your furnace’s future below.

Understanding Furnace Lifespans

How long can you expect your furnace to last? Although many factors go into how long a particular furnace will work, we can make some generalizations. Standard efficiency gas furnaces can last 20 years or more, while high-efficiency condensing furnaces last five years less. Electric furnaces usually make it past 20 years. 

If a furnace has not received regular maintenance visits each year, its lifespan estimate will fall, sometimes dropping to half. (This is one reason we always stress regular maintenance with our customers and offer our special Comfort Club to help.) If your furnace is more than 15 years old, and especially if it’s more than 20, it’s time to give serious consideration to a replacement. 

The Tyranny of Too Many Repairs

The number and cost of repairs for your furnace are key in knowing when to invest in a new one. Most furnaces will need a few repairs during their service lives, with most arriving in the second half of their lifespan. But you shouldn’t need to repair the furnace every year, or need more than one repair a year. Nor should any single repair cost more than half the price tag of a replacement. 

When you call our team for a repair, ask us about how cost-effective the repair is and if a replacement is a superior option. We’ll always be honest with you and won’t push on a service you don’t need. 

The Rising Cost of Winter Comfort

You pay to heat your home, and the more you use your furnace the more you pay. But when you’re paying more and more without a comparable increase in usage or a rise in energy costs, then an aging furnace may be at fault. With maintenance, a furnace should be able to retain 95% of its efficiency up to the last two years of its service life. If your older furnace is costing far more to run, it’s giving you the signal it’s in those last two years.

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