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Why Can’t My Furnace Keep Up With the Cold?

cold-sweater-manWarm weather patches in February sure are nice! But we know the temperatures can still plunge even in March and April. If you have a furnace that’s been battling hard against the winter weather so far this season, it’s definitely something you’ll want looked at—you don’t want to be caught with a furnace that can’t do its job the next time a cold snap swings through.

The reason why your furnace is having trouble handling cold weather could be a number of things, and we can’t give you an exact answer on a website blog post. The best way to get an accurate diagnosis and the correct repair is to call for professional HVAC services in Clayton, NC with our experts. We can give you a head start thinking about what may be wrong with our list below of some of the common causes for a furnace to start falling behind in its job.

A clogged air filter

Checking on the air filter of the furnace is the first thing you should do in any situation where the furnace isn’t working correctly. If this filter is left in place for too long (over three months), it cuts down on the airflow into the furnace. The furnace doesn’t have enough air to heat up, that means a drop in temperature around the house. Put in a clean filter and continue to change it every 1 to 3 months.

A leaky ventilation system

Often, the trouble isn’t with the furnace itself, but the ventilation system attached to it. The ducts carrying the hot air from the furnace and to the rooms in your house must have airtight sealing along them, or else the air pressure will start to drop and hot air escapes. Low air pressure causes a drop in airflow into rooms, and with hot air leaving the ducts this air won’t be as hot as normal. We see this problem happen frequently, but we’re also professionals at duct repair and duct sealing that will restore the integrity of your ventilation system.

A thermostat miscalibration

Do you often push the thermostat to higher and higher heat levels to compensate for low heat from the furnace? If you have to set the thermostat at 90°F just to feel somewhat warm, you might have a thermostat sensing incorrect temperatures. Thermostat miscalibration can happen over time, and if your thermostat is sensing temperatures are hotter than they are, it won’t turn the furnace on and off at the right times. Fortunately, this is a basic fix for HVAC technicians, who can make the adjustments to the thermostat so its accurately gauges temperatures.

The furnace is short-cycling

Short-cycling is a phenomenon where a heating system shuts off too early and doesn’t complete a full heating cycle. There are many causes of this, such as electrical trouble with the blower fan, a broken thermostat, an overheating furnace, or a furnace that’s oversized. Let HVAC experts find out what’s wrong.

The furnace is too old

Unfortunately, age will catch up with any furnace, and one of the big warning signs it’s time to replace a furnace more than 15 years old is that it just can’t get the job done anymore.

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