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What Might Go Wrong Without Heating Maintenance

fall-pumpkinsWe are going to get a bit scary in this post. It’s October, so it’s appropriate … and we promise not to get too scary, because everything negative we’re going to talk about is something you can avoid easily. All it takes is to schedule HVAC maintenance in Wilson, NC or elsewhere in the Triangle Area for your heating system in the fall with our technicians. 

Now, onto the scary stuff… 

We’re going to talk about what can happen with your home heating system (furnace, heat pump, ductless system, etc.) if it misses out on annual maintenance. We do this because we want all of our customers to know that regular tune-ups and inspections for central heating systems are not luxuries but mandatory. Every professional HVAC contractor recommends them, because any professional knows what can happen without maintenance. Here are just some of the unfortunate occurrences from neglected maintenance:

An unsafe heating system

Do you have a gas-powered furnace? There’s a good chance you do, because these are the most common types of heaters found in local homes. Any gas appliance requires routine inspections from professionals to check that there are no safety concerns, such as a cracked heat exchanger or loose gas lines. You’ll have greater peace of mind if you head into the winter knowing the heating system is operating at its safest levels.

A malfunctioning heating system

The majority of repairs a heater may need during its service life can be prevented with maintenance. That means that leaving maintenance on the side of the road will increase the number of malfunctions a heating system encounters. You’ll run into needless interruptions in your home heating and unnecessary bills without a basic maintenance check-up in the fall.

A weaker heating system

A heating system that isn’t getting regular care will begin to lose capacity and struggle to reach the normal expected temperatures for the house. Pushing the heater harder to overcome this will simply lead to more repairs and higher bills. 

An extra-expensive heating system

Your gas/electric bills rise during the winter months; you expect that. But they may rise much more if the heating system is neglected. Dirt and stress on the parts of the heater will cause it to work harder than it otherwise would, and that drains more power and costs you more on your bills. You may soon end up paying a quarter more for winter heating than you should. 

A short-lived heating system

The strain accumulates winter after winter on a heater if it doesn’t have an annual tune-up, cleaning, and adjustment from a professional. This can do more than cause extra repairs and higher operating costs. It can spell an early end to the heating system—potentially reducing its service life to almost half. 

A voided warranty on the heating system 

The manufacturer’s warranty for your heating system may only be valid if the system receives professional maintenance on a regular schedule. If the warranty is voided, you may end up having to pay for a repair or replacement that would otherwise have been covered. 

We offer a special maintenance program for customers: The Comfort Club. You’ll receive maintenance for both your heating and cooling system.

Find out more about the Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Comfort Club today. 

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