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What Does Energy Efficiency Mean for a Furnace?

When you are in the market for a new furnace installation in your house, one of the major factors to look at in any model you may purchase is its energy efficiency. This is the measure of how well the furnace takes its energy source (natural gas in most cases) and turns it into the actual heat you feel in the house. An energy-efficient furnace will waste little of its fuel source and convert most of it to heating. This usually means you will pay less to run the system than a furnace with worse energy efficiency.

How Can I Tell if a Furnace is Energy Efficient?

The easiest way is to look for the ENERGY STAR label prominently displayed. This means the unit has earned certification from the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program. To earn certification, a furnace must pass a base level of energy efficiency set by the government.

There is a more specific way to determine energy efficiency, which is the furnace’s AFUE rating. AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, and it’s a measure of how effectively the furnace turns its fuel to heating output. The AFUE rating is listed as a percentage, which is how much of the fuel supply the furnace turns to heating (as measured over a year of use). A gas furnace that has an AFUE of 85% turns 85% of the natural gas it uses into heating, and loses 15%.

Many gas furnaces today can score above 95% AFUE, thanks to technology such as sealed combustion chambers and multi-stage burners and fans. But just because a furnace has a high AFUE rating doesn’t mean it’s the ideal heater for your house. Always make certain that you work with HVAC professionals when selecting a furnace. You’ll need them eventually for the installation, so let their expertise guide you to a furnace that will both save you money on operation and keep your house warm.

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