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What Can Go Wrong with a Heater That Misses Fall Maintenance

This is the time of year when we place a big emphasis on regular maintenance for residential heating systems. It’s the reason we have our Comfort Club: our customers only need to sign up, and they’ll have their concerns for heating maintenance taken care of year after year. (And they’ll have air conditioning maintenance as well!)

Previously, we’ve written about the benefits that you receive from scheduling a fall maintenance visit for your heating system. We’re going to turn to the other side in this post and look at what can go wrong with a heater if it begins to miss these important inspections and tune-ups:

  • Uneven heating: This is the most common “minor” trouble that a heater can get into if it isn’t maintained. If the blower fan, motors, coils, and other parts aren’t properly tuned-up and cleaned, it can result in heat that doesn’t flow evenly around the house. If you do start to notice cold spots in your house, or rooms that are too warm, call on repair technicians.
  • Wasteful performance: A heating system that doesn’t have its parts cleaned and adjusted will start to strain to work, and that means energy drain. Here’s just one example: if the motor that drives the blower fan loses lubrication because it wasn’t maintained in the fall, the friction on the moving parts will rise and make the motor start to overwork.
  • An abrupt breakdown: The worst-case-scenario for any heater is when it stops working at a time when a household needs it the most. Although regular maintenance can’t stop all malfunctions, it does a great job at stopping huge malfunctions, such as a complete system breakdown.
  • Safety concerns: We don’t mean to be alarmist, but it’s a simple fact that a heating system will be less safe if it misses regular maintenance. Gas furnaces in particular need to have annual inspections to make sure they do not pose dangers from gas leaks through cracked heat exchangers or back-ups due to blocked flue.

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