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Warning Sounds That Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Natural gas furnaces are the standard way that homes receive heat during the winter. Although there are other types of heating systems, some which are gaining popularity, the gas furnace remains the kind of heater found in the majority of households around the country thanks to their heating power and reliability.

But no furnace can be 100% reliable. There are some ways that a furnace can send out warnings that it needs repair work. One of them is odd sounds. Below is a guide to warning sounds that will tell you it’s time to contact our heating professionals for repairs.

  • Booming: When the furnace first comes on, is there a pause and then a booming sound? This whoosh is the sound of built-up combustion gas igniting at once. This often means that the burners are dirty or blocked in some way, and they’ll need to have professionals clean them.
  • Rattling: A loud metallic rattling sound can point toward a few different issues. A common problem is that the air handler is loose. The trouble might also be with damaged ductwork or a loose furnace door. Call for professionals to investigate and find out the source.
  • Clicking: Clicking at start-up usually means an electrical ignition system that’s starting to fail. The igniter will need a replacement. If you hear the clicking sound after the blower turns off, then it points toward a more alarming problem: cracks in the heat exchanger. This is a possible carbon monoxide hazard, so shut off the furnace and call for expert repair technicians right away.
  • Mechanical screeching and shrieking: This indicates trouble with the blower motor. Shrieking occurs when the motor bearings are wearing down; unless they’re replaced soon, the motor can suffer extensive damage. Other motor sounds warn of extra stress that may lead to the motor burning out.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to help with your heating needs this winter in Rolesville, NC—and every winter!

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