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Schedule Heating Maintenance before Winter Weather Strikes

winter-landscape-pictureThe weather has cooled down for the fall, but the true chill of winter still hasn’t arrived. This means you have time left to arrange for regular maintenance for your residential heating system. This is a job that requires HVAC professionals: you can’t simply run through a checklist and do it yourself. (You can, and should, change the HVAC filter on a regular basis, but this is the only major maintenance job that can be don DIY.)

Don’t delay calling to schedule your maintenance inspection and tune-up, because you want your heating system ready to go when the big drop in temperatures arrive—probably in the next month.

The Big Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

We have to stress regular. Heating maintenance needs to be arranged each year for the system to enjoy the full benefits we’ve listed below. Some maintenance is better than no maintenance, but to receive the full return on your investment in your heating system, maintenance must be an annual service.

Here are the major advantages of keeping up with regular, professional heating maintenance:

  • Safety: One of the main jobs HVAC technicians do during heating maintenance is check to see the system is running safely and doesn’t need any urgent repairs. This is especially important for natural gas systems, like gas furnaces. These types of heaters are inherently unsafe, but without maintenance they can become so.
  • Retain energy efficiency: A heating system, no matter what type, will begin to lose its energy efficiency if it goes without maintenance. The drop can be steep within a few years, resulting in the system draining 25% more power (or more) than it should. Maintenance will keep the heater at peak efficiency for most of its service life.
  • Fewer repairs: Around 85% of the repairs a heater needs on average during its lifetime are ones that can be prevented thanks to regular maintenance. This means saving on hassles and repair costs.
  • Extended service life: Replacing any heating system years before its time is expensive. You want to receive the most years possible from your heater, heat pump, etc. If the system isn’t regularly maintained, it will probably fail years earlier. But with maintenance, it will probably exceed its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan.

Contact Us for Heating Maintenance with the Comfort Club

Regular heating maintenance isn’t something that needs to be stressful for you. A maintenance plan with a professional HVAC company streamlines the process so you’ll have little to worry about. We offer heating maintenance through our Comfort Club, which provides you with twice yearly tune-ups, one for your heating system and one for your cooling system. This includes our 25-point inspection and extra benefits such as priority 24-hour service, a 10% discount off any repairs, and double parts warranty from one to two years. We offer flexible monthly pricing schedules.

In Wilson, NC, HVAC services should be left to professionals. But not any professional contractor will do. We have more than 20 years of experience and can handle any situation for your residential heating and cooling needs.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers complete HVAC services for Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

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