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Planning on Replacing Your Home Heater? We Have Some Advice!

furnace-with-pipesWe don’t want to rush you, but winter weather can arrive sooner than expected. If you think you need to have a new heating system installed, right now is the time to schedule it. Not only is fall the last time you’ll have a period of warm weather when it’s convenient to have an old heater removed and a new one put in, it’s also a period when our HVAC technicians have more open schedules so they can find a convenient time for the service.

That’s our first piece of advice about heater replacement in Raleigh, NC—don’t delay with scheduling service. You’ll beat out the cold weather and have time to make important decisions about the future of heating your house.

But we have plenty of other advice about heating replacement …

You don’t need to stick to the tried-and-true

When considering a new heating system, your first instinct is probably to have something identical to your current system put in. If you have a natural gas furnace, putting in another gas furnace is an appealing choice. And in many cases it’s fine to stick with it. But, you may wish to look at other potential options for heating. If you have an electric furnace, think about replacing it with a heat pump, which also serves as an air conditioning system. (So if you think you need new heating and air conditioning, this is a great option.) If you don’t have ducts in your house, a ductless heating system is an ideal way to go.

Consider geothermal power

This deserves its own section as a new possible heating option. We work with geothermal heating and cooling systems—i.e. ground-source heat pumps. If you thought geothermal power was out of your reach, we would love to show you otherwise. A geothermal heat pump is more reliable than standard heat pumps for providing warmth in winter, and you’ll save energy all around the year with the efficient cooling power as well.

Think about including zone control

If you’re planning to install a new furnace or heat pump—any type of heating system using ductwork—we recommend making an upgrade to a zone control system. Zone controls allow you to close off sections of the ductwork and ramp the heating system down so the heater only expends energy to warm up rooms that are occupied. This saves money and helps with more even distribution of comfort around the home.

Go high efficiency

New high-efficiency furnaces and heat pumps improve tremendously on how much energy the heater consumes to run. Although high-efficiency heaters cost more than mid-efficiency units, they pay back their installation price in a few years.

Always work with the heating professionals

No matter the quality of the heating system you decide on, it won’t work to your expectations—if it works at all—unless it has professionals to install it. In fact, without professionals to size the heater to match your home’s comfort needs, the system may not provide enough warmth or be so overpowered that it drains energy. Let our experts ensure you have the best system, installed right.

Arrange for your heating replacement with Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We serve the Triangle Area of North Carolina!

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