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The Most Urgent Heater Repairs You May Need

furnace-repair-technicianDuring the deepest cold weather of winter, the worst event that can strike your house is a heating system that either isn’t warming up the house enough or isn’t providing any warmth. These heating emergencies require a fast response from 24/7 HVAC technicians. You can put your trust in our team of professionals whenever you need to schedule heater repairs in Raleigh, NC. We’re ready around the clock, every day of the week, to restore your heater and your family’s comfort.

Any heating repair is urgent when it means your house becomes essentially unlivable. We are going to narrow the focus in this post to examine the most urgent types of repairs. You don’t need to use this list to help you decide when you have a heating emergency—if it feels like an emergency, call us right away. Caution pays off.

Replacing a cracked heat exchanger

This is the most serious problem that can afflict a natural gas furnace, which also happens to be the most common heating system found in our area. The heat exchanger is the metal container in the furnace that heats up from combustion gases and then transfers the heat to the air pushed through the furnace.

If cracks develop on the exchanger due to corrosion, harmful exhaust gases will enter the air. This is why you must have CO (carbon monoxide) detectors in your house! When these detectors go off, leave the house and call the utility company. Later call us to replace the heat exchanger (or, as is often the case, replace the furnace entirely).

Replacing the electronic ignition system

The standing pilot light has been phased out of modern furnaces, which now use electronic ignition systems to light the burners. If the burners in your furnace aren’t lighting when you turn the system on, it may be a broken igniter. You’ll need professionals to put in a new one before the furnace can work again.

Repairing a failed reversing valve

If you use a heat pump to provide warmth in winter, you may run across a problem of a heat pump that still sends out cool air when you turn it into heating mode. Not only are you not receiving heat, you’re getting cold air during winter! There are a number of potential sources for this, but the most likely is a problem with the reversing valve that controls the heat pump switching between modes. Technicians can repair the valve or put in a new one.

Electrical repairs

This applies to gas furnaces as well as heat pumps and electric furnaces. All heaters use electrical power for the blower fan as well as ignition. Troubles with the electrical system in a heater are the most common of all heating system troubles. When your heater isn’t turning on, shuts down early, or trips circuit breakers, it may be an electrical failure. As with all the repairs we’ve listed here, you must leave the service to licensed technicians.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc offers comfort from our family to yours! Call us 24/7 for heating repairs this winter.

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