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Keep Repairing the Furnace? Or Replace It This Spring?

old-basement-furnaceAs you count down the days until the end of winter—whether the official date in March or just the first day of wonderful warm weather—you should give some thought to the furnace that’s been providing you with indoor warmth. Has it struggled this winter to do its job? Have you needed to call for repairs to keep it running? Have you had it for longer than a decade—or for so long you can’t remember how old it is? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, we recommend you consider replacing the furnace when spring arrives and you no longer need its heat.

Isn’t it less expensive to have the furnace repaired?

We know the price of putting in a brand new gas furnace can seem steep, and it often pays to be cautious about not replacing a furnace too early. However, the cumulative price of repairs over time can quickly add up to much higher costs. Balancing out the cost of future repairs and the cost of a new furnace is something to consider. But there are other considerations that may tip you over to the “replace” side of the scale.

Furnace safety is important

An aging furnace will do more than run up repair bills. It can also develop safety hazards. Natural gas furnaces are designed to operate safely, but the corrosion that can set in after fifteen years or so of service creates an increased danger of cracks in the heat exchanger, allowing carbon monoxide to escape. A new furnace is not only an investment in a reliable system, it’s an investment in safety and peace of mind.

What is “too pricey” when it comes to repairs?

A good question. In general, if a furnace racks up more than $500 annually in repair bills to keep it operating, that’s paying too much. If a technician recommends a furnace repair that’s more than half the price of getting a new furnace, that’s also too much. At this point, further repairs are just throwing away money when you could be saving it with a new higher efficiency furnace.

I’m still confused—what’s the best choice for me?

It may sound as if we’re recommending replacing any older furnace. But we’ve been in the business for long enough to know how every home and furnace is different. When you feel confused, maybe stressed, about what to do with your current furnace, call our offices. We can set up an appointment to give your furnace an inspection. We’ll recommend the right course of action for you so you’ll have the best heat, energy savings, and peace of mind. We stress honesty in our business, so we won’t recommend a replacement unless we think it’s the ideal choice.

No matter what heater service in Chapel Hill, NC you need to maintain steady comfort and energy savings, trust the job to us. We’ve kept homes comfortable in all seasons for more than twenty years.

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