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Why Isn’t One of My Ductless Heating Units Working?

ductless-split-on-wallDuctless mini split heat pumps have many benefits. One that customers love is that ductless heating only needs to provide warm air to the rooms that require it. Are the bedrooms currently empty? You don’t need to expend energy running the wall units in them! Have your family and friends all gathered in the living room to watch a movie? Then the only wall unit that needs to be on is the one serving the living room. It’s smart comfort and excellent savings.

But what if you find one day you don’t have any choice about running one of the ductless units—because it won’t turn on at all? There are some simple reasons this can happen, and a few that aren’t so simple. In the latter case, you may need to call us for heating repair in Raleigh, NC or elsewhere in our wide service area. Let’s run down some of the possibilities.

The batteries for the remote control are dead

Each wall unit has its own remote control so people can manipulate it without seeking out a step ladder or standing precariously on a chair to reach it. The remotes use little power to run, but their batteries can’t last forever. If you can’t get the wall unit to do anything with the remote, check first to see if a change of batteries is in order.

The circuit breaker to the unit has tripped

A short in the wall unit’s electrical system can cause a surge along the circuit. The circuit breaker in the electrical panel will trip to prevent further damage. Check on the panel to see if there are tripped breakers. If there are, reset them, and then try the unit again. If it trips the breaker once more, call for a trained technician to look into it. You could have a fault in the ductless system or the electrical panel.

Problems with the power cable

Each of the units has a power cable that goes through the hole in the wall behind it (along with the refrigerant and condensate lines) to the outside cabinet. Frayed wiring may cause the unit to lose its connection and fail to function.

Burnt-out motors

The blower motor in the wall unit is what allows it to send air across the refrigerant coil to heat/cool it and then out into the room. Should the motor burn out, the unit won’t seem to do anything. You might hear a clicking noise, which is the capacitor sending voltage to start the motor and failing. A repair expert will need to either replace the motor or replace the entire wall unit.

The good news with all this is fixing a wall unit iss a basic, fast job for HVAC technicians. They don’t have to interfere with other parts of the system, so you can expect to have everything back to normal in no time at all, and for a lower cost than fixing a standard central AC or heat pump.

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