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How a Faulty Thermostat Can Lead to Heating Repair

The modern thermostats (or “climate controls” to give them the slightly fancier name) are complex pieces of computerized equipment. But no matter how many energy-saving features a new thermostat comes with, it still fills that same function: turning the heating system and blower fan on and off, and registering the temperature indoor to tell when it needs to turn these appliances on and off.

A malfunction in the thermostat can lead to trouble with a heating system—sometimes troubles that seem large and expensive to fix. Thankfully, if the thermostat is behind the issues, it’s one of the easier fixes for professionals. They can either repair the thermostat, or replace it with a new one.

Here are some heater troubles that might originate in the thermostat. (Please don’t try to diagnose the problems on your own, however. Leave that to HVAC technicians.)

  • A blower fan that won’t shut off: Is the blower fan in the HVAC cabinet that works for both the heater and AC running continually, even when you don’t need it? A lost connection with the thermostat can cause this; the thermostat has a dedicated connection that turns off the blower.
  • Short-cycling: This is a phenomenon where a heater turns on and off rapidly and never finishes its heating cycle. You’ll not only hear this activity, but you’ll also notice parts of the home aren’t getting enough heat because the system shuts off early. There are many potential causes for short-cycling, but a thermostat that is registering the wrong temperature is one of the most common.
  • The heater won’t turn on: When a heating system won’t come on during winter, it’s a big problem. Always check on the thermostat first to see if it’s working, since a failed thermostat means a heating system that isn’t receiving any instructions at all.

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