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My House Seems TOO Hot This Winter

thermometer-going-redDuring a cold winter night, it may seem silly to imagine a house getting too hot. The more heat, the merrier! Much better than having the home too cold.

But if you are actually experiencing a house that is overheating when you have the HVAC system on, you know that it’s no fun. A stuffy house where you feel like you’re sweating all the time is rough, because you’re caught between the extremes of the chill outdoors and a sauna indoors. This is a common problem in apartments that have radiators because the individual tenants don’t have much control over the heat. But the problem can also strike homes. We’ll take a look at why you may have an overheated house this winter and what you can do about it.

The Nonstop Heating System

This is the most common reason for a house that feels far too hot—the heating system isn’t shutting off the way it should. You may have heard about a heating system that “short-cycles,” which means it turns off early before completing its cooling cycle. But the opposite can happen, where a heater keeps running and running. Not only does this make your house uncomfortably hot, it wastes immense amount of power and will put so much strain on the heater that it will wear down early, leading to more repairs and an early system retirement.

A number of causes can be behind this. If you have a furnace, the limit switch that shuts the furnace off when it gets too hot may be broken. The wiring from the thermostat that handles shutting off the heater or blower may be broken. The control buttons for the furnace may be stuck. The primary control for the heater (a panel in the heating system that’s different from the thermostat) may be malfunctioning.

There are many options, and we recommend you call for heating repair in Zebulon, NC from our technicians to find out what specifically is wrong. We don’t advise you poke around in the heater to see if you can locate the trouble, especially for a gas furnace—that can be dangerous. Our technicians can run the diagnostics necessary to find out the trouble and fix it. In the meantime, you can shut off the heating system by flipping the breaker switch. (Yes, this works for gas furnaces as well.)

The Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat with a broken temperature sensor or a miscalibrated temperature sensor is also a source of a heater that’s turning your home into an oven. You set the thermostat at the temperature you normally find comfortable, but the sensor either won’t detect the heat or will read the house as cooler than it is. Please don’t set the thermostat lower and lower to try to solve this—you need the problem fixed at the core. Our technicians can help to repair the thermostat, move it to a new location so it will pick up the right temperatures, or install a brand-new thermostat.

Enjoy the comfort you deserve! Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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