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Late Season Heating Repair and March Madness for Your AC

girl-welcomes-springWe started off March with a pleasantly warm day, and then the temperatures took a dip. This is the standard for this month, however. There’s a reason that nobody can keep that “lambs and lions” proverb about March straight: is it “in like a lion, out like a lamb” or “in like a lamb, out like a lion”? Does one mean a prediction about the other? Hard to tell, because March is a devilish month for predicting the weather. The transition from winter to spring is a tumultuous time, so we’re going to take our advice not from a farmers’ almanac proverb, but from Hamlet: “The readiness is all!”

Here is how our professional HVAC services in Zebulon, NC and elsewhere in the Triangle Area can help you stay ready for March Madness.

Don’t allow heater problems to go without repairs

We know that it’s tempting to allow heating troubles to slide during March. With warm weather on the way (and occasionally already here), you soon won’t have the furnace or other heating system running at all. It is a mistake, however, to let a heater continue if there’s a malfunction or any sign that one is developing. Cold spots in rooms, odd noises from the heater, acrid smells from the vents, short-cycling… all of these are warnings that you may need professional repair service. If you don’t have technicians look into the issue, the problem will worsen, lead to a system breakdown, or even create health risks. You can contact our heating experts any time of the day or night to get those repairs done, so there’s no reason to delay.

It’s already time to schedule air conditioning maintenance

An AC requires a professional tune-up and inspection each spring. This helps it perform with minimal worries during the summer, keeps electrical bills in check, and extends the equipment’s life. March is a good time to schedule the work. You’ll be ahead of the serious heat and can take advantage of a slower period for technicians as winter fades and spring appears. Like any important chore, the sooner you have the job done, the better it is.

We offer membership in our Comfort Club to provide customers with excellent annual maintenance for their air conditioners and heaters. Our 25-point inspection gives your air conditioning system the attention it needs to work through the coming summer with few problems.

Consider whether you need a new air conditioner

No HVAC system will endure forever, and at some point warning signs will point to the need for you to replace your air conditioner. And what better time to do it then when it’s close to the warm weather but still cool enough that you can do without an AC for a short time? I.e. March!

The difficult part of air conditioning replacement is deciding if your current AC is ready to retire. This is where our team is invaluable. If you have reason to think your air conditioner is too old or about to fail, ask our technicians about it during maintenance. You’ll receive honest answers about the best path forward. If you choose a system replacement, rely on us to find the right new AC to take its place.

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