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Heating Off to a Bad Start? Let’s See Why

cold-man-and-woman-in-parkasYou may not have had to turn on your heating system yet for the fall, but the time is coming. We hope that when your heating system settles in, it gives you the comfort your family needs without problems. We can help make that a reality with regular heating maintenance through our Comfort Club. Fall maintenance is necessary to ensure your heater encounters the fewest possible problems and runs at peak efficiency.

But even with maintenance, you may discover your heater comes off the starting blocks … uhm … roughly. Or doesn’t get off them at all. A heater that isn’t keeping up with your comfort needs, which turns on at off at odd times, or won’t even start. You may need our professional heating repair in Clayton, NC to get the problem solved, although sometimes you may have overlooked a simple issue. Below we’re going to look at some common reasons a heater has a bad start to its season.

A clogged air filter

This is one of the biggest reasons a heating system underperforms, and it’s thankfully one of the easiest to avoid. The filter for the HVAC system is for both the heater and AC, and if you left the filter in place after the end of summer, it could be extremely clogged. A heater cannot draw sufficient air through it with a clogged filter, which harms comfort. It also will cause a spike in heating costs. Put in a clean filter and remember to make regular changes every one to three months.

Bad ducts

Here’s a problem that isn’t located inside the heater itself, but the ductwork that carries to heat throughout the house. If your house has cold spots in it and the heater is running longer than it normally does, the ducts may be losing air through leaks.

It doesn’t take large leaks and gapping to make a difference—and you could end up losing 30% of the heated air moving through the ducts. We can test the ductwork and then seal it up to solve this. 

Faulty thermostat

It’s easy for people to overlook the thermostat as the source of why a heater isn’t doing the proper job. The temperature sensor in the thermostat is critical for control of the furnace, and often a drop in heating (or a house that is getting too hot) is due to a thermostat miscalibration.

We can fix this easily. There are bigger thermostat malfunctions that can cause the heater not to come on or short-cycle, and we can see if repairs or a thermostat replacement is the best solution. 

Malfunctioning control board

The control board is the “brain” within a heating system that ensures the operation of the component parts. The control board for a furnace, for example, controls gas valves, the electronic igniter, turning the blower on and off, gas venting, and more.

But this electronic control board may malfunction—it’s one of the more common heating malfunctions, and can lead to many different problems. This isn’t something you can tinker with yourself: our technicians can find out what repairs need to be made, or if the control board needs to be replaced.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers service throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Call us for any heating help you need.

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