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Furnace Repairs You May Need in the New Year

crossed-wrenchesAre you looking forward to 2018? Or maybe you’re feeling hesitant about it, wondering if you’ll get done all you want to? We understand: approaching a new number on the calendar is intimidating.

We won’t be able to help you get that novel written, or start construction on a new addition to your house, or help you begin a new career. But we can handle an important issue that might make the start of New Year a hassle, and that’s a wonky or busted furnace. With all the plans you’re making, you don’t want a failed furnace making life miserable! Thankfully, you have us for your heater repair in Raleigh, NC. When you’ve run into problems with your furnace, our experts are on call 24/7 to come to your assistance.

What Furnace Repairs You Might Expect

Of course, we hope you don’t need to call us for repairs during the winter. If you’re part of our Comfort Club and had the furnace tuned-up in fall, chances are good you’ll enjoy trouble-free furnace operation for the rest of the winter. But there’s no way to guarantee this 100%. You might need these services from our technicians:

  • Fixing a failed ignition system: New furnaces have replaced standing pilot lights with electronic ignition systems. These are more dependable and help conserve energy. But they can fail as well, such as cracking, and this means the burners won’t ignite at all. In most cases, the ignition system will need a professional to replace it.
  • Repairing the blower motor: The main mechanical component in a gas furnace is the motor powering the blower fan. The strain on the motor can cause it to burn out (especially if it hasn’t had regular maintenance). If the motor starts to give off shrieking sounds, repair technicians may be able to fix it before it fails. Otherwise, the motor must be replaced.
  • Cleaning the burners: Over time, dust, dirt, and other grime will start to build-up on the burners. Keeping the furnace filter clean with regular changes can help slow this down, but you may eventually find the furnace providing poor heat because it’s struggling to fire up its burners. HVAC professionals can detach the burner assembly to clean it. (Do not attempt to clean the burners yourself!)
  • Replacing failed heating elements: Here’s a repair for people who use an electric furnace. The various heating elements in the furnace can fail due to electrical problems, resulting in a loss of heating power. As with an electrical repair, and professional must handle the replacement. The technician may also find out the trouble is with the sequencer rather than the heating elements and repair that.
  • Fixing gas line issues: There are many reasons not to attempt to repair a gas furnace on your own, but the biggest is because of the danger of potential gas leaks. If your furnace isn’t coming on or can’t keep up with your household comfort needs, the trouble may be with the gas line/ You want a licensed professional to handle the necessary repairs.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will help you enjoy the comfort you deserve! Serving the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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