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How Regular Fall Heating Maintenance Prevents Heater Repair

technician-looking-at-gas-furnaceThe fall is moving past quickly—it always seems like the season is in a rush to get to the cold weather before we’re ready for it. We want to make sure that your home heating system is ready for the winter with our pre-season maintenance service. When you sign up for our Comfort Club, we’ll have our technicians come to your home and give the heater a thorough inspection and tune-up. Our 25-point inspection will see that the central heating system is ready to handle another winter. You’ll receive other benefits as well, such as a 10% discount on repairs and double parts warranty from one to two years. The program also covers your air conditioning maintenance for spring.

There are many reasons to have fall heating maintenance, and one of the best is how it helps you avoid having to call for heater repair in Raleigh, NC during the winter.

Dodging Those Heating Repair Calls

Nobody wants to spend a winter evening making a call to an HVAC company to come fix their home heating system. It’s inconvenient and it’s cold. Depending on how many other households are dealing with the same woes, you may end up waiting in the cold longer than you’d want. (We will make every effort to get to you fast, however.) And repairs cost money, of course. It’s more convenient and inexpensive to prevent repairs—and this is what maintenance does.

In fact, 85% of the repairs a heater may need over its service life are preventable thanks to maintenance. How does something as basic as an annual visit from an HVAC professional do this?

  • Inspections catch troubles early: The 25-point inspection our technicians performed is designed to find trouble spots before they become trouble. In most cases, our technicians can fix whatever the problem is during maintenance, and this keeps any more serious problem from developing. If the trouble is bigger, they’ll arrange for a convenient repair before the cold weather arrives.
  • Cleaning and adjustments reduce strain: Along with inspecting components, our technicians handle cleaning and adjusting the heater. Doing this lets the heating system run with less strain, and this makes it less likely for problems to start. It also helps the heating system last longer.
  • Warranty protection: This isn’t something that prevents repair issues—but it can prevent you from having to pay for breakdowns due to factory concerns. Approximately 2% of all heaters leave the factory with malfunctions, and the warranty is in place to protect you from them. But for most heating systems, the warranty only remains in force if the heater receives annual maintenance.

Maintenance Is Easy to Manage

Only HVAC professionals can do maintenance effectively and safely. But this is to your advantage, since it makes the job simple: all you have to do is call us and sign up for our program, and we’ll take it from there. (And we’ll see you in spring to care for your AC.)

Arrange for heating maintenance by signing up for our Comfort Club. Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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