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Don’t Delay: There’s Still Time for Heating Maintenance

We’re closing in on the official first day of winter, and you can already feel the coolness in the air. The true cold hasn’t arrived yet, but it can be expected at any time. So… have you arranged for a professional inspection and tune-up for your household heating system yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry that it might be too late—it isn’t! But you want to contact our offices right away to sign up for our Comfort Club maintenance program and get on the schedule.

Below is our guide to how maintenance helps the different types of heating systems.

Gas Furnaces

Of the many types of heating systems, gas furnaces are the most common. If we were to make a wager on what type of heater your home uses, we’d definitely put the money on a gas furnace. It’s vital for a gas furnace to receive annual maintenance; it not only ensures the best operation through the winter and a lengthy service life, it also helps keep the furnace from developing any safety issues.

Electric furnaces

An electric furnace needs to have annual maintenance as well, even though it doesn’t offer any dangers of carbon monoxide. Any type of electrical system requires checks and tune-ups to see that all the wiring is in good shape, connections are tightened, and motors lubricated.

Heat pumps

Homeowners often believe that a heat pump only needs a single maintenance visit each year during the spring. But this isn’t true! Since a heat pump works throughout the year, it needs special care twice a year. The amount of stress a heat pump picks up over a long summer in North Carolina will put it at a major disadvantage when winter starts—unless it has the professional care necessary to see that it’s cleaned and tuned-up.

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