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Danger! Cracked Heat Exchanger in a Furnace!

One of our priorities as professional HVAC technicians is keeping our customers safe in their homes. We want you to enjoy comfort during the winter without worries that the gas furnace you have installed might become hazardous.

Gas furnaces are built today with safety uppermost in mind; we don’t want you to think that a natural gas furnace is automatically dangerous. If you make sure to always schedule annual maintenance in the fall to inspect and tune-up your gas furnace, you can enjoy many winters of comfort without concern.

The Cracked Heat Exchanger

One of the reasons that these regular inspections are so vital is that they catch trouble like cracked heat exchangers, which are a major source for carbon monoxide leaks.

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of a gas furnace. It’s the component that transfers the intense heat from the combustion gas into the air from the blower that then moves into the ventilation system. The heat exchanger is a chamber made from metal, usually with a clamshell shape (although it can be built in a variety of shapes). The hot combustion gas from the burner collects inside the heat exchanger when the furnace comes on, and the gas transfers that heat to the metal walls of the chamber. The air from the blower is sent around the exchanger, and it picks up heat—without touching the combustion gas, which is sent out the flue.

But over time, a heat exchanger can develop cracks due to strain or because of corrosion. When that occurs, carbon monoxide can start to escape from the chamber and enter into the air traveling through the ventilation system, which is a dangerous situation. But if you have regular inspections, professionals can catch early signs of a damage heat exchanger and replace it. In cases of a very old furnace, it may be better to have the whole furnace replaced.

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