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March Is Not Too Early for Heat Pump Maintenance

air-conditioning-unitIf the seasons worked on a basic calendar schedule, with three months allotted to each, the first day of March would bring with it warmer spring weather that would remain through May. Of course, that’s not how the weather works, and March is an unpredictable time for temperatures.

There is a steady aspect to this month, however: it’s one of the best times to schedule maintenance for your home’s heat pump. It isn’t too early to think about cooling your house down in summer weather, and arranging for a maintenance tune-up and inspection for your heat pump is straightforward during a time when HVAC technicians are not as occupied.

Reminder: Heat Pumps Need Maintenance in Spring and Fall

If your objection to having professional maintenance for your heat pump is that you already had it done in fall, we have an important reminder. A heat pump may be a single system, rather than a separate AC and furnace, but it needs maintenance done twice a year to prep it for the main seasons when it works, i.e. winter and summer. You maintained your heat pump in fall to get it ready for winter. Now it needs maintenance in spring to get it ready for summer. Skipping either appointment allows the heat pump to accumulate wear and tear that can create problems.

Our Comfort Club Makes Maintenance Simple

We started in business in 1994, and that’s given us the opportunity to see the long-term benefits of our Comfort Club program. We know membership in the Comfort Club rewards our customers. Here’s how:

  • Fewer repairs: We don’t need to do as much heat pump repair in Raleigh, NC for customers in the Comfort Club. We can just look at our records to see the difference in how many times members need their heat pumps repairs compared to non-members—that tells us we’re doing the right job.
  • Longer service life: We can also look over our records to see how the equipment we install for our customers lasts. With the Comfort Club, a customer can get many more years of life from their heat pump.
  • Energy efficiency: Our technicians perform an extensive tune-ups for heat pumps that helps them work at peak energy efficiency and minimal energy waste. A heat pump with our care can save 30% a year on heating and cooling costs.
  • Peace of mind: This is the best benefit of all, although it’s one that can’t be measured. When you have our experts taking care of your heat pump, you have the best assurance the system won’t fail when you need it the most.

To encourage our customers to sign up for maintenance, we offer special rewards: no overtime rates, a 10% discount off any repairs, double parts warranty from one to two years, priority customer status, and 24-hour emergency service. And remember, you’ll receive two annual inspection and tune-up visits per year. We’ll take care of your need for heating and cooling.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers comfort from our family to yours. Schedule maintenance service in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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