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Is a Heat Pump Your Ideal Heating System?

girl-welcomes-winterAs winter approaches, are you considering installing a home heating system? No matter if it’s because you have a new house that hasn’t had a heater put in yet, or because the old heater looks to be at the end of its practical service life, you’ll have to pick a new heating system.

The easiest choice is to go with whatever type of heater you had before. For most homes, this means a new furnace, since furnaces are the most common type of heater. But there’s also the choice for a heat pump—and if you’ve considered this option, we’d like to offer some advice to help you figure out if a heat pump is the ideal comfort system for your home.

Does Your Home Run Entirely from Electricity?

The first consideration is the fuel source you use for heat. If your home has a natural gas connection and you’ve previously used a gas furnace, then it’s probably better to have a new gas furnace installed rather than change to a heat pump. Gas furnaces are powerful and natural gas is an affordable fuel source.

But if your home doesn’t use natural gas and you rely entirely on electricity, a heat pump becomes an attractive choice. The electric furnace may be able to heat up a home, but it costs more to run than either a gas furnace or a heat pump. If a gas furnace isn’t an option because you only use electricity, the heat pump can save you large amounts of money. A heat pump runs on electricity, but consumes much less of it than an electric furnace. The reason is an electric furnace uses electricity to generate heat, while a heat pump only uses electricity to move heat—which requires less power.

Are You Thinking of Replacing Your AC as Well?

Summer weather may seem far off, but if you think you might want to install a heat pump, you’ll need to give some thought to your air conditioner. A heat pump does the job of both heating and cooling a home. Basically, a heat pump is a type of air conditioner. The difference is it can switch the direction it moves heat so it can either draw heat out of the house or draw heat into it. If you install a heat pump, you’ll be replacing both your current heater and your current air conditioner. (No, you can’t just run the heat pump for heat. It’s too costly to purchase a heat pump and only use half of its operation.)

If your current heater and AC are about the same age, which they probably are if they’re the first units installed in the house, we recommend you have both replaced at the same time. This makes a heat pump a fantastic choice, since you’ll have heating and cooling taken care of at once. It’s more affordable and convenient.

If you still aren’t sure about a heat pump, call us for professional HVAC services in Garner, NC. We’ll see you end up with the ideal heater for your home and budget.

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