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Zone Control: Why You Should Consider It for Your Next HVAC Installation

Are you thinking about putting in a new HVAC system this fall, either as part of a new house or as a full replacement? Fall is definitely the right time to arrange for the work, since it’s easy to schedule a convenient time with an HVAC contractor and you can take advantage of the mild weather between summer and winter.

Here’s something you should consider as part of that HVAC install: a zone control system. Zone control divides up the ductwork with dampers to cut off certain rooms from the airflow. A network of thermostats placed throughout the house allows control of the different temperatures zones. You only need to send heated/cooled air to the zones in your house that actually need it.

How Zone Control Can Benefit You

  • Utility bill savings: If there are areas in your house that are often empty (such as guest rooms), then you shouldn’t have to waste money on conditioning air to send to them. Zone control lets you choose which rooms receive conditioned air and then reduces the work on the AC/heater. You will see a significant reduction in your utility bills this way.
  • More even heating and cooling: If all parts of your house are heated or cooled at the same time, it can mean hot and cold spots popping up. With proper programming for a zone control system, you can have the zones heated in alternating patterns that will provide a more even spread of comfort, such as first heating the upstairs, then switching it off to heat the downstairs and letting the heat rise.
  • Personalized comfort: Do members of your household often squabble about how to set the temperature on the thermostat? They probably do, since people have different temperature sensitivities. With zone control, each person in your home can adjust the temperature in their local zone to meet their needs.

To find out more about installing zone control with a new HVAC system, contact Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Raleigh, NC.

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