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Why Are Some Rooms Too Hot or Too Cold With the AC On?

thermometer-going-redThe weather is warming up and air conditioners are starting to turn on throughout the Triangle. We recommend that when you first have your air conditioning system running during the season that you take a tour of all the rooms in your house. Keep the AC on for about an hour, and check on the temperatures around the house.

What you’re looking for is any large discrepancies. Are there some rooms that feel hotter than they should be, and others that seem overly cold? If you discover either one or the other (or both), you may need to schedule air conditioning repair in Zebulon, NC with our technicians.

Possible Reasons for Uneven Cooling

It’s difficult to create completely even cooling around a house because there are so many variables about the rooms, such as window placement, appliances, insulation, etc. However, a well-installed air conditioner shouldn’t create big differences in comfort levels around the house, unless there is a malfunction of some kind in the HVAC system.

We’ll look at some of the possible causes of uneven cooling:

  • A poorly installed air conditioner: As we mentioned, an air conditioner that was correctly installed by professionals shouldn’t have trouble with even cooling. But if you have a new AC for your house, and it got an amateur or bad installation, uneven cooling is almost certain. If the air conditioner was not sized correctly, it will either be under-powered or over-powered, and both will end up causing hot and cold spots in the house. Unfortunately, the only remedy to a badly installed air conditioner is usually to have it replaced—and professionally
  • Leaking air ducts: The ventilation system connected to the AC may have air leaks, which will allow cold air to go to some of the rooms to escape. This drops the comfort the room receives, and is bad news for the HVAC system in general because the air conditioner will have to work harder to overcome the loss of air pressure. Fixing this requires professionals to first test the ducts and then seal them.
  • Faulty air handler: The air handler is the part of the HVAC system that sends air through the AC and then into the ductwork. A faulty blower fan or blower motor will impair the proper distribution of cooled air throughout the house. The blower could also malfunction and never turn off, which will end up cooling down parts of the house too much.
  • Faulty thermostat: This is a common cause for uneven comfort in a house. When the thermostat starts to register incorrect temperatures, it will shut down and start the AC at the wrong times, leading to hot and cold rooms. The thermostat may also lose its connection to the blower fan motor, allowing it to run constantly.
  • Broken zone controls: If your house has zone controls that allow you to adjust the temperature in separate rooms, uneven cooling may be the fault of zone malfunction. It could be broken satellite thermostats or dampers in the ducts that won’t open/won’t close.

You can trust our technicians to diagnose the problem with your air conditioning and have the uneven cooling fixed.

Serving you is what we do best at Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Call us for air conditioning service in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

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