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Why You Should Get Rid of Your Window ACs

ac-recyclingOnce upon a time, the window air conditioning unit was a great miracle for comfort. Central air conditioners were incredibly expensive, available only to the ultra-rich, and most homes had no ductwork for them. Window ACs were an affordable way to beat the heat.

But that was long ago—central air conditioning has become common for homes since the 1970s. Window units may make sense for a small apartment, but for a home there are many reasons to get rid of window air conditioners and seek alternatives. Below are the major drawbacks of still using window ACs.

They’re noisy

With a central air conditioning system, the compressor is located in an outdoor cabinet where you’ll barely have to hear it operate. Instead, you’ll only hear the fan of the air handler, which is located in the basement or the garage with the HVAC unit. A window AC, however, has all the parts in one place, right inside the room, and that’s a lot of noise.

They block light

Why have a window that you can’t use? Window air conditioners are obviously limited by having windows to sit in, and those windows they block up. This makes for a dark and dreary inside for your house, and you can’t simply remove the AC if you want light or fresh air.

They are not powerful at cooling

Each window unit has a fan and cooling capability that will only reach through a small area. One can handle a bedroom, but not a family room or dining room. You need multiple window units for those spaces, and you may not have windows to handle it. (And if those are windows that don’t open, you can’t use them.)

They are inefficient and costly to run

The SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of window units is lower than the requirement for central air conditioners. Even the least efficient central air conditioner has better energy efficiency, and therefore is more cost-effective to run. If you tried to cool most of your house with window units, you’ll pay far more than if you had a central system.

They make a home less secure

A window unit is like a gap in the wall of a castle. To fit into different windows, the units have plastic folding barriers on the side, and this isn’t much protection from someone trying to break inside. It’s an easy point of entry.

You have better alternatives

If you’ve been reading these points and thinking, “It doesn’t matter because my home doesn’t have ducts in it,” we have good news for you: getting central AC for an older home is easier than you may realize. For example, ductless mini-split systems offer great cooling (and heating) around a house with wall-mounted units connected to an outdoor cabinet. This is a flexible system with great energy efficiency and installation that’s a snap for professionals.

To schedule air conditioning installation in Rolesville, NC, such as a ductless system, call on our team.

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