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What Rating Do You Give Your AC for Its Summer Report Card?

checkmark-greenOh no, report cards already? And you may not even be enrolled in school currently! Don’t worry, you’re the one giving the report card, and you don’t need to be a credentialed teacher. You only have to be the owner of a central air conditioning system who has paid attention to the AC’s performance over the summer.

We recommend taking time at the end of summer to give a grade to your air conditioning system. This gives you an opportunity to think about whether you’ll need to replace the air conditioner in the near future or if it requires repairs before it shuts down for the winter. Repairs are always a priority for an AC, no matter the time of the year. It pays to stay on top of repairs, because leaving the air conditioner to sit for the winter with a lingering problem often means running into a worse problem later.

Anyway, on to the grading.

I gave my air conditioner an “A”!

That’s great. This means the air conditioning system sailed through the summer without giving your house any comfort problems or requiring you call for repairs. You also had steady utility bills the same as the years before, and in general have no complaints about how the AC runs. Keep up the good work, by which we mean continue to schedule annual spring maintenance.

Hmmm, a “B” seems about right

Pretty good. But what made you step down from the full approval of an “A”? This might indicate the need for a repair, or it’s simply a warning the air conditioner is moving into the second half of its service life. It could also be side-effects of forgetting maintenance. (Did you forget to schedule it this spring? Please be honest with yourself!)

Eh, can’t go higher than a “C”

Now we’re getting into the problem zone. Did you need to have the air conditioner repaired during the year? Is it not keeping the house cool enough as it once did? Maybe those bills are higher than you expected, or the air conditioner is getting noisier. Giving the AC a “C” is a good reason to schedule a technician to look at it and offer advice for what air conditioning services in Durham, NC will help it.

It’s a “D,” can’t deny it

High bills, a full system breakdown, people complaining about rooms getting too hot, loud noises from the cabinets, unreliable performance—the air conditioning system either needs a significant repair or it’s time for it to retire. It’s probably on the cusp of the latter, and we advise you give serious thought to getting a new system. Our experts are ready to help.

My AC is pathetic and I’m giving it an “F”

You need a new air conditioning system. And you know you need one! We hope this grading experiment pushes you to act. Get in touch with our technicians to examine your options. Fall is an excellent time to put in a new system.

Enjoy the comfort you deserve! Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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