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Ways Our AC Techs Can Help You at the End of Summer

Air-conditioner-repairman-maintenanceSeeing summer go isn’t a fun time, although you may welcome cooler temperatures outside and a chance to ease up on using your air conditioning system. As you look ahead to the fall and the plans you have, it’s also an opportunity to make improvements to your air conditioning system. Or last-minute repairs.

Our team of air conditioning experts offer many types of HVAC services in Wilson, NC that can help you out during the waning summer days. Below we’ve listed some of the ways you can put them to work before fall starts and you have to start thinking about your home heating.

Fix lingering malfunctions

A “lingering” malfunction is one of those repair issues in an air conditioner that isn’t an immediate cooling emergency. I.E. something you can put off. We don’t recommend ever putting off an AC repair, because it increases energy bills, can lower system lifespan, and puts the air conditioner at an even higher risk of a breakdown.

So if you’ve noticed the AC making odd sounds, losing cooling in parts of the house, shutting on and off at unusual times, or anything else warning that something’s wrong with it, call our technicians right away. (We have them ready for 24/7 emergencies!) The sooner you have the trouble remedied, the better in the long and short-run.

Recalibrate the thermostat

If you’ve noticed that the house isn’t cooling down to the setting on the thermostat the way it used to when the AC was running, you may have a miscalibrated thermostat. This means the thermostat is reading temperatures incorrectly. Our HVAC technicians can quickly put the thermostat right. If they find out there’s a larger malfunction behind the AC’s lowered cooling, they can also have that fixed.

Give you an opinion on an AC replacement

Ask yourself a few tough questions about an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years in service. A central AC often lasts between 10 to 15 years, so once your system is in this range it’s smart to begin to think about when to replace it.

If you have reason to suspect the air conditioner isn’t living up to its original standards, schedule an appointment with our technicians to see if replacing it is the best course. We can arrange to have the work done at a convenient point during fall if this is the case. We’ll always be honest with you—if we think we can fix the AC so it’ll deliver a few more productive years of cooling, we will tell you.

Test the ducts

The air conditioning experts at Comfort Master are also ductwork experts. We recommend scheduling duct testing with them every few years. Leaks in the ducts can harm all of the HVAC system, but the leaks can be tricky to catch until they start creating major problems. Our duct testing will determine if you need sealing or other duct repairs. This not only helps the AC, it will help the central heater.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. lets you enjoy the comfort you deserve. Call us for service throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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