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Warning Signs You Need to Schedule AC Repairs This Summer

During a hot summer in North Carolina, one of the last problems you want to encounter in your home is an unresponsive air conditioning system, or one that can’t keep up with your family’s demand for comfortably cool temperatures. Fortunately, ACs rarely fail without giving out some early warnings. When you notice any of the signs below from your air conditioner, call on our repair professionals right away to have the system fixed. The sooner the problem is repaired, the better!

  • Strange noises from the cabinet: If you’ve already had your air conditioning system for at least a month, you’ll know what sort of sounds to expect from it. But if those sounds change, and you begin to hear things like hissing, grinding, and clicking, it usually means something is wrong.
  • Ice anywhere on the system: Ice is not a natural product of the cooling from an air conditioner, although it’s easy for people to make this mistake. When you see the development of ice along the indoor coils, it can indicate issues such as clogged air filters, loss of refrigerant, or coils that need cleaning.
  • Sluggish airflow from the vents: Place your hand in front of the room vents to feel the air coming from it. If the airflow feels as if it’s dropped, it can mean trouble with the blower fan or damage to the ductwork leading to a decline in air pressure.
  • Hot spots around the house: Have you noticed that some rooms are no longer cooling down as much as they used to? This can sometimes point to problems with home efficiency, but it might also be a declining air conditioner.

It’s important that you don’t attempt to diagnose repairs issues yourself, and certainly don’t try to manage them on your own. Only contact experienced HVAC professionals.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers 24/7 repair service for air conditioning systems in Raleigh, NC and the surroundings areas.

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