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Spring Is Ideal to Join Our Comfort Club

hand-drawing-check-boxWe often stress the importance of regular heating and air conditioning maintenance in Raleigh, NC, and for good reasons. There are few better services you can have done for your HVAC system, and therefore for the comfort and health of your family. Maintenance does so much for your AC and heating: it improves performance, lowers the chance of a surprise breakdown, keeps utility bills under control, extends equipment life, and protects the warranty.

We understand you have a lot on your mind right now. But spring is the best time to schedule the first maintenance visit of the year, the one for the AC system. We may end up having a rush toward the beginning of the summer this year when it comes to maintenance services, as well as general air conditioning work, so we advise scheduling it now … and you can do that by joining the Comfort Master Comfort Club.

What the Comfort Club Offers You

We created the Comfort Club early in our years in business as part of looking after the general comfort and safety of our customers. It’s important to us to keep the HVAC equipment in our customers’ homes working in top shape for as many years as possible. Yes, we can do that with standard maintenance, but the Comfort Club puts all the services together in one place and gives customers a convenient way to always have necessary maintenance done. In addition, we added special perks to the program to reward our loyal customers—as well as to entice customers to join the program and become part of the Comfort Club Family.

Here’s what membership offers you:

  • Twice yearly tune-ups: This is the core of the plan—the equipment maintenance itself. We use an extensive 25-point inspection to look over the air conditioner (spring) or heater (fall). There are numerous tasks we take care of, from cleaning coils to gas pressure checks to tightening electrical connections. They all serve the purpose of making the equipment last longer, run better, and use less power. For gas-powered equipment, it also makes it safer.
  • No overtime rates: We won’t charge you extra when any work goes over.
  • Priority customer status: This means that when you have an urgent repair need for your HVAC system, you have priority over non-Club members. It’s a “jump to the front of the line” card. You’ll also receive 24-hour service.
  • Discounts: As a Comfort Club member, you’ll have a 10% discount off any repairs and double parts warranty from one to two years.

The Biggest Benefit of All

You get plenty of value from joining the Comfort Club, and you’ll keep getting rewarded with lower energy bills and few needs to call for repairs. Your equipment will provide you with many years of the best service. But there’s one benefit that stands over all of them … peace of mind. You won’t have to worry when you head into summer or winter that you’ve got an HVAC system that’s wobbly or failing. Our people will see that you have only the best possible each year!

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Call today to sign up for our Comfort Club.

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