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Why Spring AC Maintenance Is Essential

air-conditioning-maintenanceSpring is officially here! The spring weather isn’t quite here yet, but the temperatures are warming up, and soon we’ll all be enjoying pleasant warmth during the march toward the summer.

Or at least, we should enjoy pleasant warmth. But a broken or malfunctioning air conditioning system in a home can lead to unpleasant days and rising electrical bills. You can’t stop all air conditioning problems from happening, but you can prevent most of them thanks to a tune-up and inspection for your AC during the spring.

To arrange for air conditioning maintenance in Rolesville, NC, you only have to talk to one of our HVAC specialists. Our Comfort Club is an easy way to have your HVAC maintenance taken care of for the whole year: it includes both air conditioning and heating maintenance, as well as extra benefits.

Is annual air conditioning maintenance really that important?

Definitely! This isn’t a luxury for your air conditioner. It’s a necessity if you want to receive the best and most productive service life from it. There are numerous benefits to arranging this tune-up and inspection service each summer:

  • Extended equipment life – The average system life expectancy for a central air conditioner is between 10 to 15 years. But that estimate is based on the AC receiving annual professional maintenance. Without maintenance, expect the lifespan to be cut in half. Replacing an air conditioner years before it’s time is expensive, and you only want to do it after you’ve gotten a full service life from your current system.
  • Energy efficient performance – An air conditioner develops dirt and wear as it runs in the summer. This will make it drain more power to work, increasing utility bills. Maintenance reduces the effects of aging on the system, helping it to retain around 95% of its energy efficiency rating for most of its service life. You can expect lower bills thanks to keeping up with regular maintenance.
  • Fewer repairs – The strain on an AC eventually causes repair issues. By regularly relieving the strain on the system, maintenance lowers the number of repairs the air conditioner will need over its service life. In fact, around 85% of AC repairs are preventable through maintenance.
  • Summer system reliability – When the heat rises during the middle of summer, you don’t want your AC to abruptly fail on you. But that’s a possibility if the air conditioner didn’t have a professional tune-up in the pre-season. Maintenance helps keep your AC working away through the summer—and gives you peace of mind at the same time.

We want you to enjoy a trouble-free summer with your air conditioning system. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have about the Comfort Club. On each visit, one of our trained technicians will run your AC (or heater) through an extensive 25-point check. In addition to the two service visits a year, you’ll also receive priority scheduling, 24-hour service, a 10% discount off any repairs, and no overtime rates.

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers service throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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