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Should You Install a Ductless AC System?

room-with-ductless-mini-splitIf you’ve ever been in an air-conditioned building and noticed a unit up on the wall that looked like streamlined version of a window AC without having to protrude through a window, then you’ve seen part of a ductless AC. A ductless mini split system (as it’s also called) combines the benefits of a standard central AC with a window unit: point cooling with the cooled air sent directly into the space, but able to cool multiple rooms.

As ductless mini splits grow in popularity, more homeowners are confronted with choosing between going with a conventional split system air conditioner that relies on ducts and a ductless system. If you’re struggling with the question, or you’ve only started to consider it, we recommend you call a trustworthy Raleigh, NC, HVAC contractor to help you. You’ll need professionals to eventually install either system, so have them on board early to assist you with making the best choice.

We can provide some help to get you started thinking about whether ductless will work for you.

Does your home already have ductwork?

If you live in a house that was built with ducts for a central AC and heater, then replacing the whole system with a ductless one isn’t sensible. It’s more cost-effective for you to stick with a central AC installation. However, if you are adding on a room, you can have a ductless unit installed for it so you don’t have to make expensive changes to the rest of the HVAC system. You may also choose a ductless system to help cool off parts of the house that are difficult to cool. For example, if you want to make more use of your garage or attic, a ductless mini split can help out.

Are you still relying on window ACs?

Older homes often don’t have ducts built in. If this describes your home, then you may have had to depend on window ACs for comfort. In this case, going ductless is a great choice—no need to pay for massive remodeling to fit ducts into the house.

Are you also thinking of replacing the heater?

Because most ductless mini splits are heat pumps and can deliver both cooling and heating, they’re good choices for a full comfort revamp in a house. If you’re planning to change out your old heater soon, this will bump up the ductless mini split heat pump a few spots higher on your list of choices.

Are you building a new home or extensively remodeling your current one?

Installing a ductless system as part of a new house makes construction much easier—because you don’t have to account for ductwork. This is also beneficial if you’re going to have a big scale remodeling for the house. Tear out the ducts during the work, and afterwards it’s easy for HVAC installers to put in a ductless mini split heat pump.

A ductless system can be a whole-house installation or put in wherever it’s needed. Work with our team and you’ll always end up withthe ideal cooling (and heating).

Find out more about your AC options! Contact Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Serving the Triangle area of North Carolina.

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