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Reasons Your AC Is Making a Rattling Noise

air-conditioning-maintenanceSummer is the season of the air conditioner. Most of us think of the sound air conditioners make as part of the soundtrack of the season, and the whirr and occasional hum of our household cooling systems are something we rarely pay attention to.

But when you notice a sound from an AC that isn’t normal, such as a distinct and annoying rattling noise, it isn’t something you should shrug off and try to get used to. Often, rattling sounds like this indicate you need air conditioning repair in Durham, NC from our professionals. The trouble might be simple. Or it could be a warning that your AC is in major trouble that could soon impair its ability to keep your family cool.

What Causes This Noise? There Are Several Possibilities

We’ll take a closer look at why you may have a rattlin’ air conditioner. When in doubt, don’t guess at what’s wrong—call our technicians. It’s our job to diagnose problems like this and find out what specifically needs to be fixed.

  • Loose cabinet door: We recommend the first thing you do when you hear a rattling air conditioner is to check that the panel on the AC cabinet is properly shut and latched. Yes, it might be that simple. You may also find loose panel screws on either the indoor or outdoor cabinet, and all you’ll need to do is use a screwdriver to tighten them.
  • Fan problems: The blower fan in the air handler and the fan in the condenser coil can become misaligned, and this will cause the cabinet to shake as they run. The blades might be bent (which can occur because of debris getting into the housing) or the fan is coming loose due to age or a bad installation job. Because of all the shaking the fan creates, this must be repaired soon or it will cause further damage.
  • Debris: This is a common problem with outdoor cabinets and one of the reasons we recommend you keep the area around the condenser cabinet clear for about a foot on all sides. Pebbles, dirt, branches, leaves, and other debris that gets into the cabinet will start to rattle around—and eventually it will cause damage. This can also occur with the indoor blower if debris starts to get around a clogged air filter. (Yet another vital reminder to regularly replace the air filter during the summer.)
  • Motor troubles: The rattling may come from a damaged motor (fan motor, compressor motor) with loose or worn-down parts. Leaving a damaged motor in place will eventually lead to it burning out or causing more damage—not to mention leaving you with a busted air conditioner. Call for repair experts, who may be able to repair the motor. If they can’t, they can replace it.

There are other warning sounds you may hear from your air conditioner this summer, such as clanging, hissing, clicking, and shrieking. Please don’t hesitate to call us for repair work when you hear these noises. The sooner we can diagnose and fix the problem, the better for your comfort.

Enjoy the Comfort You Deserve: Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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