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The Packaged AC Unit—What It Is, When It’s a Good Idea

technician-with-packaged-unitThere are several types of central air conditioning systems available for homes, but the most common one is the split system. This is what most people think of when they think of residential air conditioners. There are also mini split systems, a.k.a. ductless air conditioning, which have increased in popularity over the past decade and are often installed into older homes that lack ducts.

In this post, we’re going to look at a third type of residential air conditioning system, the packaged AC unit, which is the dominant type of cooling system for commercial buildings but can also work for a home. If you want to know fuller details about packaged air conditioning systems, feel free to call our experts at Comfort Master. They can answer all your questions and schedule an air conditioning replacement in Raleigh, NC.

Packaged AC: Everything in One Cabinet

The split system air conditioning system is called that because it splits its function between indoor and outdoor components. The outdoor cabinet contains the compressor, a fan, and condenser coil to release heat. The indoor cabinet contains the evaporator coil where heat is absorbed and an air handler to push the cooled air into the ductwork.

A packaged AC puts all these components in one cabinet, which is located outside. Metal return and supply air ducts connect the cabinet to the house. The compressor circulates refrigerant inside the cabinet between sets of coils—the first coils condense the heated refrigerant by running outside air across them. The second coils cool air drawn from the house through the return ducts by evaporating refrigerant. A powerful blower in the cabinet then pushes this cooled air through the supply duct that connects to the house and its ductwork system.

When to Consider a Packaged AC Unit

When you look at the roof of most commercial buildings, you’ll see rows of packaged units with powerful fans exhausting heat. This is the preferred cooling method for commercial buildings because it saves space, lowers the amount of noise that reaches the interior of the building, and makes it easier for technicians to access the HVAC units for repairs and maintenance without interfering with commercial activity. If any of these advantages sound like they would be helpful for a house, then a packaged AC may be the right choice.

Smaller homes benefit the most from a packaged air conditioning system since there’s no need for a large indoor cabinet with a blower fan and evaporator coils. The reduction of noise is another benefit that can make a huge difference for some homes. Technicians can also handle most repairs and maintenance for the system without ever needing to come into the house.

Packaged units are most commonly installed as part of new home construction, since it’s easier to design a ventilation system to match it. Consult with us when you are planning a new home and we’ll help discover what type of central air conditioning will benefit you the most.

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