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March: A Great Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

air-conditioner-unit-being-repairedThe weather in March is famously tricky to predict. Does it come in like a lamb and go out like a lion, or is it the other way around? Hints at early spring appear, and then the cold weather returns again.

It’s an unusual time for HVAC contractors as well, who have to be ready to help with heating emergencies, but are also assisting customers with preparations for the time when the warmer temperatures finally settle in to stay for a good while.

We’d like to help you make those preparations this March, since there’s no better time to get ready to use your air conditioning than a time close to warm weather when you still won’t need to rely so much on the AC.

What AC Maintenance in March Can Do for You

You might have a hard time picturing a hot summer day right now with our cloudy and occasionally rainy days. But you’ve experienced our warm humid summers here in the Triangle, and you know you don’t want to face those with a failed or failing AC. The main benefit of scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance is that it significantly lowers the chance of your cooling system suffering from malfunctions or completely breaking down during hot weather.

Here’s a statistic that can put this in perspective—around 85% of the repairs an air conditioning system may need during its lifetime are problems stemming from lack of maintenance. With annual maintenance, you cut away 85% of repairs. That saves you money, as well as time and having to cope with the heat when the AC isn’t working. This benefit alone pays for regular maintenance costs many times over.

There are more savings. Maintenance protects the AC from wearing down so that it puts a great strain on the electrical system. A neglected air conditioner is an air conditioner that wastes power and raises utility bills. Staying current with maintenance will help an AC remain at 95% of its original efficiency rating all the way until the end of its service life.

Speaking of service life—an air conditioner is likely to need a replacement many years early if it isn’t regularly maintained. With maintenance, the standard air conditioner can last 15 years. Without, the number drops to around 8 years.

Finally, the manufacturer’s warranty for most air conditioners requires professional maintenance done annually. If a unit doesn’t have this routine care, it may void the warranty. If this happens to you, you might get stuck with a large replacement or repair bill for a faulty air conditioner. (Around 2% of ACs leave the factory with some type of fault.)

AC Preparation Also Means Catching Up on Missed Repairs

If you already know you need air conditioning repair in Cary, NC from something leftover at the end of the last summer, please don’t wait for the hot weather to discover the problem has gotten worse. If you’re in this situation, call for repairs first, then arrange for maintenance. (We can often do both on the same visit.)

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Arrange for air conditioning maintenance with a call today.

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