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How to Tell Your AC Is Off to a Shaky Start This Spring

tulips-in-springWarm weather is a treat when is starts to settle in during the spring. True, it can bring troubles with allergies, but for the most part, the warmer season is one of the best times of the year.

But if your air conditioning system isn’t living up to expectations, early spring can be significantly less enjoyable.

When you first turn your air conditioning on for the season after it’s winter hibernation, watch for indications it is off to a wobbly beginning and may need air conditioning repair in Clayton, NC.

Low Airflow From the Vents

We recommend taking a tour of the rooms of your house when the AC turns on for the first time. Check each room vent. You might find a few that are blocked because of moved furniture; please see that every vent is unobstructed. Then check on the level of airflow from the vent. If it doesn’t feel steady, the air conditioner, the air handler, or the ductwork may have problems. Low airflow leads to less comfort.

Hot Spots in Rooms

When you tour the house to check on each of the rooms, do any feel hotter than they should be? (Take into account sunlight exposure. We recommend closing curtains and blinds to keep out excess radiant heat.) Hot spots in the house can mean the air conditioner is losing cooling power, the ductwork is leaking to that room, the thermostat is miscalibrated, or the air conditioner is shutting down its cooling cycle too early.

Odd Noises From the AC Cabinets

Air conditioners create a general white noise when they run. It’s noticeable, but it shouldn’t be distracting. Nor should it have abrupt, sharp sounds like rattling, clanging, shrieking, or hissing. If you have AC cabinets (inside and outside) making more noise than usual or making weird sounds, have HVAC technicians check on the unit.

Cycling Problems

An air conditioner runs through cooling cycles: the compressor turns on, then runs for at least 15 minutes until the thermostat detects it has reached the desired setting in the house, then cycles down for a period before starting again. If the AC is running in short cycles or if it seems to never cycle down, those are problems for a technician to examine. These cycle problems can point to bigger issues, and both place excess strain on the AC’s components and waste power.

Reminder About Maintenance

No matter what, your AC must have a maintenance inspection during the spring to ensure quality operation through the coming summer, as well as energy-saving performance. If you have concerns about your air conditioner, inform us when you call to arrange for maintenance, and our technicians will look at it during the inspection. The issue may be a small one we can take care of as part of the routine tune-up. If we find it is a more serious problem, we can arrange for swift repairs so you won’t be troubled during the rest of the warm stretch of the year.

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