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How to Get a Jump Early on Air Conditioning Repair Issues

heating-cooling-ventDo you think it’s too early to start talking about repairing your air conditioner? Sure, thinking about the AC in the first week of spring might sound like it’s too soon—after all, you may not need your home’s air conditioning system running steadily until late May. But we believe that it’s never too early to prevent AC repairs or solve any existing issues that a homeowner may have passed over.

Here is a few bits of advice we have for the spring that will make air conditioning repair in Clayton, NC something you’ll rarely need to worry about.

Maintenance is the essential first step

We can’t stress this point enough—annual spring maintenance for an AC is the best thing you can do for your household cooling. Professional maintenance gives a licensed technician the opportunity to inspect the air conditioner and handle routine cleanings and tune-ups. The tune-up steps help an AC run smoothly with a reduced chance of a malfunction. The inspection is even more important when it comes to repairs, because it allows the technician to catch places where repair problems are developing but not yet showing signs. Sometimes the tech can fix the problem during maintenance. If not, the tech will schedule a repair for later—and you’ll have the trouble fixed before the summer heat.

Call for repairs if there were problems at the end of last fall

Was there anything “off” about the air conditioner when you shut it down for the season at the end of last year? Homeowners frequently gloss over AC problems at the end of the cooling season because they won’t need the system over the winter. But this can lead to big problems when the air conditioner needs to get back to work. If you can remember things like strange noises, the AC turning on and off rapidly, uneven cooling, higher humidity than normal, or anything else out of the ordinary, please have a technician come find out what’s wrong and have it repaired before the hot weather arrives.

Do a “test run” for the air conditioner

Right now, when the days are still cool, is a good time to test run the AC. Pick a time when the house is mostly empty (so you don’t make everyone feel too cold) and turn on the air conditioner. You may need to set the thermostat low—lower than you normally should—so the air conditioner will run steadily.

As the air conditioner runs, walk around the house and check on the air flow from the vents in each room. Is the cool air distributed evenly around the house? Do you hear odd sounds from the AC or the vents? Unusual odors? (You’ll probably smell some dust at first, but this is normal.) Does the AC shut off early? What if the AC doesn’t come on at all? If there’s anything that doesn’t seem normal, call for a technician and have it investigated.

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