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How HVAC Experts Know What AC to Install for a Home

air-conditioning-collageReplacing an old air conditioning system is something you can schedule for any part of the year. But the spring is the best season for it, since the hot weather hasn’t arrived yet but is just around the corner.

Choosing a new AC for a replacement isn’t a simple process of just looking over various models and picking the one that best fits your budget. To ensure you get the right unit and that it’s installed correctly, look to a licensed professional HVAC company in Garner, NC or elsewhere in the Triangle Area. An expert will find out what air conditioning system to install to keep your house cool for many summers to come.

How an Expert Selects an Air Conditioner

A number of factors need to be considered when selecting an air conditioner. The first is a basic one: Does the home have ductwork already in place? If so, then a standard central air conditioner—similar to your current model—is the best choice. If the home doesn’t have ducts and has relied on window units for cooling, the installer will probably suggest a ductless mini split, an air conditioner that works through a single outdoor condenser connected to 4 to 8 wall-mounted units around the house.

The next factor, and arguably the most important, is the size of the AC. This doesn’t refer to the physical space the air conditioner unit takes up, but to the amount of cooling power it puts out. This is where an HVAC professional is the most helpful, since it’s difficult for an amateur to accurately gauge how much cooling a house requires. An HVAC technician must perform a heat load calculation, which takes different criteria about the house to find out the cooling BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour necessary for comfort. This could be between 5,000 to 34,000 depending on the house size, the insulation, the amount of sun exposure, the number of appliances, and more.

Getting the size of the AC right is critical. You can’t simply err on the side of “too large,” since an oversized air conditioner will cool the house down too fast and shut off early, wasting energy.

Finally, the expert will choose various features for the air conditioner based on special needs or requests you have. You may be willing to pay more for a unit with higher energy efficiency, or one that has a quiet fan. The HVAC technician will see that you get the features you need at a price that works for your budget.

Other Comfort Options

You have other options to upgrade your air conditioning purchase, such as installing a Wi-Fi “smart” thermostat along with it or adding zone controls. Your technician will be glad to go over these options with you. Our team at Comfort Master keeps up with cutting edge technology, and all of us are happy to help guide you to a great installation. You are our #1 priority!

Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers AC installation and more throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina. Schedule service today.

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