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Help! The Second Floor of My House Is Too Hot!

thermometer-going-redHeat rises. That’s a basic science fact you learn in elementary school. It’s also a fact you experience almost daily in a two-story house. Whether it’s winter or summer, the upper floor will be warmer than the other parts of the house when there’s no air circulation and no heating or cooling system running. An effective central air system is supposed to evenly spread comfort around the rooms so that the upper parts of the house aren’t warmer then the rest of the house.

If you’ve noticed this summer that the upper floor of your house is much hotter than it normally is when the AC is running, you may need air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC to fix it. Or it may be time to make some upgrades and changes to the current HVAC system.

Air Conditioning Malfunctions

The most common reason for an overheated upper floor in summer is because of an AC that’s losing either its cooling power or airflow strength.

When an air conditioner’s cooling ability starts to decline, the first place you’ll notice it is in the upper floors. The AC may be able to send out enough cooling to handle the lower temperatures of the first floor, but the upper floor will be too much for it. There are many different reasons for an AC to lose cooling ability—iced-over coils, refrigerant leaks, age—and you must have an HVAC professional diagnose the trouble and make the repair. If system age is the problem, it’s best to have a new system installed.

If the airflow from the blower fan in the air handler drops, the airflow decline from the vents will often affect the upper floor first. (It’s a longer distance for the blower to push the air from the AC cabinet.) You may only need to put in a fresh air filter, but there are other possible sources such as a failing blower motor or leaks in the air ducts. Again, have a pro check the system if the air filter isn’t the trouble.

Zone Control Issues

Do you have a zone control system in your house? This is a system of dampers and local thermostats that can regulate which rooms are receiving cooling. A malfunctioning local thermostat in the upper floor can result in a rise in temperatures. Dampers can also break and block upper floor rooms from receiving cooling.

Zone Control Installation

If you don’t have zone controls for your house, this is an excellent long-term solution for parts of the house that get too hot on a regular basis. Our technicians can upgrade your HVAC system with the air handlers, dampers, and thermostats that allow for even better distribution of cooling (and heating).

Ductless Mini Split

If there’s one space in the upper floor that is stubbornly difficult to cool no matter what you do to the central AC, you may wish to have a ductless mini split installed in that room. A ductless mini split won’t interfere with the rest of the HVAC system and it’s simple to install for our technicians. You won’t have to rely on an ugly, inefficient window unit for the job.

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