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A Few AC Problems That Can Slink Up on You

ac-repair-workThis is the time of the year when you need to be extra cautious about your air conditioning system. It’s been working hard since you had it professionally maintained back during spring. (You did remember to schedule that service, right? It’s key to getting the best performance from your AC each year with the fewest problems.) Plenty of strain has built up on the cooling system, and it still has months of work ahead before it gets any type of break during cooler weather. If you aren’t attentive to all the signs an AC is malfunctioning, there are some malfunctions that can sneak up on you.

That sounds sinister, but some of the biggest AC problems start small and can fly under your radar. Below we’ve listed a few of the problems that can strike your air conditioner without giving you big warning signs first. Never hesitate to call us for air conditioning repair in Cary, NC—the sooner we get these sneaky problems fixed, the easier and less expensive the repairs will be.

Slow refrigerant leak

Loss of refrigerant is one of the most damaging troubles for an air conditioner, since it will eventually cause the compressor to overheat. Often refrigerant leaks are slow: a tiny pinhole in the copper lines is enough to allow high-pressure gaseous refrigerant to escape. You may hear a hissing sound to warn you this is happening. Other early indications are a rise in indoor humidity, an abrupt increase in electrical bills, and ice along the evaporator coil.

Loose condensate drain

If the condensate drain becomes lose from the condensate pan, water will begin to drip down through the gap and out of the air conditioner. Damage to the condensate drainage system can mean mold growth in the air conditioner and the system shutting down. If you notice any water dripping from the AC cabinet or appearing on the floor around it, don’t ignore it—your AC should not leak water.

Failing capacitors

Capacitors are electrical components that control the flow of voltage to the motors that power the fans and compressor. Most motors have two capacitors, a start capacitor to start the motor and a run capacitor to keep it running. (Well-named, aren’t they?) Capacitors rarely last for the full life of an AC and will need to be replaced at some point. When a capacitor begins to fail, you may hear clicking sounds from the cabinet. Other warning signs of dying capacitors are when the compressor shuts off early or airflow from the vents drops.

Electrical troubles

When the air conditioning system turns on, do the lights in your house briefly flicker? This shouldn’t be happening. It can be a problem with your home’s electrical system, but if this is something that has just started to occur, it is more likely there is an electrical problem with the air conditioner, such as frayed wiring, loose connections, or a bad motor.

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