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Don’t Push Your AC Too Hard at the End of Cooling Season

thermometer-going-redIt can be tough reading all the conversations and seeing all the photos that focus on the fall weather when your home AC is still running all day. The hot summer days don’t seem to have gotten the memo that autumn is in town and we might also like to enjoy wearing a sweater.

We suggest you resist the occasional urge to make your home frigid to simulate the cool weather in other states though! While it can be tempting to push your air conditioner to new levels, this could cause some major issues.

If this warning came too late and you are in need of air conditioning repair in Chapel Hill, NC, the professionals at Comfort Master Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. are here to help. Our NATE-certified technicians will help you find a cost-effective solution to any AC trouble you might encounter.

In the interest of saving you the pain that comes with pushing your cooling system too hard again, let’s delve into why pushing your AC beyond its set limits spells trouble.

Only Cool the Room by 20°F Max

Did you know that your air conditioner is only supposed to cool your home’s internal temperature by a maximum of 20 degrees? That means if it is 90°F outside, your cooling system can adjust the inside air to 70°F at the lowest.

Heat gain can play a factor in this, and into how hard your system has to work. For example, a home that is well sealed and has the blinds closed against the sunlight will stay much cooler more easily than one that has leaks around its doors and leaves its windows uncovered year-round.

Taking all this into consideration, we suggest that even on the hottest of days you set the thermostat to a maximum temperature of 78°F. We recommend this setting because it maximizes your system’s energy efficiency while keeping you comfortable but not too cold.

Why You Should Respect Your Unit’s Limits

There are multiple reasons why you should respect the 20°F limit on your air conditioner.

Much like when a person is overworked, demanding too much from your cooling system can lead to burnout. Setting the thermostat to lower than 20°F will cause the air conditioner to run non-stop as it attempts to reach an aggressively extreme level of cooling. As you might imagine, this leads to a high use of energy and will saddle you with a hefty bill at the end of the month. What’s more, this nonstop cycling will put a strain on the unit and can cause the motor to wear down or other parts to break down more quickly.

Setting the air temperature too low isn’t just inefficient. It is uncomfortable for those inside the house. If you are close to the ventilation, you will quickly feel too cold. Meanwhile, other areas of the home wouldn’t be getting cooled efficiently.

When you demand too much from your AC no one wins! This is why it is important to understand your unit’s limits and to take good care of it in order to avoid major breakdowns.

If you need repair services for your air conditioner, reach out to the professionals at Comfort Master Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Contact us to ensure your comfort year-round.

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