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Benefits of Smart Thermostats (And One Note of Caution as Well)

remote-home-controlsOne area of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning that has seen immense progress over only a small number of years is climate controls. The old manual thermostats you operate with a slider or a dial are long out of date. Even digital programmable thermostats are yesterday’s news. The top of the line in climate control technology today is the “smart” thermostat, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that can find the best comfort settings for a home while saving energy—all on its own!

For reasons we’ll get into below, you shouldn’t run out to buy a new Wi-Fi smart thermostat or grab one online, no matter what kind of “deal” you find. Our HVAC experts are here to assist you with finding the right thermostat for your needs. To learn more about our services for thermostats in Wake Forest, NC and throughout the Triangle Area, contact our offices.

How a Smart Thermostat Can Benefit a Home

The core of a smart thermostat is a computer system that is capable of “learning” from the patterns of a homeowner. It takes the data collected from a few days of temperature settings and compares it to data from its sensors, and then generates its own program. Here’s how this type of thermostat can help you:

  • The programs the thermostat creates are designed to save money without sacrificing household comfort. The thermostat has access to large amounts of data it can use to come up with a series of settings that will reduce your energy use without noticeably lowering your comfort. Smart thermostats are made with energy conservation as one of their major priorities.
  • It’s convenient! The thermostat does most of the work of creating programs for day time and night time and different days of the week. You don’t have to frazzle your brain trying to figure out how best to adjust the temperatures.
  • The Wi-Fi capabilities of these thermostats mean you can access your home’s comfort controls from wherever you have Wi-Fi or satellite access. Using an app on your smart phone or tablet, or using a desktop or laptop computer, you can find out conditions in your home from across town or across the country and make any adjustments you want.
  • Smart thermostats provide detailed reports on conditions in the house and how much you’re saving. You’ll always know how the thermostat is working to benefit you.

Be Cautious of One Thing…

The reason we mentioned the need to work with professionals for upgrading your HVAC system’s thermostat is that a new thermostat might void equipment warranty. The advanced technology of a smart thermostat may not work with older ACs and heaters and could potentially damage them. You should never blind purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat and then either try to install it yourself or ask professionals to do the work. Let the professionals help you from the beginning with finding the appropriate new climate controls. In cases of an old HVAC system, it’s often better to have a full system replacement with the smart thermostat included.

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